100% Off Black Desert Online on Steam!!!

If you haven’t given Black Desert Online a try, now is your chance. Steam is running a deal that gives you 100% off Black Desert. This deal will end on March 9th so make sure to head on over to the steam store and pick up this amazing MMORPG.

If Free Isn’t Enough to Get You to Download

As gamers, we have had our fair share of MMORPGs, and to be honest, it’s really hard to find one that is easy to stick with for multiple years. Black Desert may be the one that will help you make your MMORPG search end, especially now that it’s free. With remastered graphics, this game is stunning, as if you were playing a AAA release with the top tear developers in the world developing it.


Its combat is next level as well. Its non-target system will have you making quick decisions on what combos you need to win the fight. Fast pace combat is always a win for me. So whether you’re fighting giant monsters or enjoying some PVP, make sure you aren’t slacking. These controls truly keep you immersed in the beautiful world of the Black Desert.

Open World Map

Just like all other MMORPG games, Black Desert has a massive open-world map where you can explore and fight for glory. If you are more in it for a role-playing aspect and not always there for the action then don’t worry, Black Desert has plenty of stuff for you to accomplish, including bartering, gathering, alchemy, cooking, crafting, training, fishing, hunting, trading, literal farming, sailing, and much, much more.

Knowledge is Key

This aspect of the game is what makes it interesting. With it being such a massive world, there is so much to learn. Just like in every game, the more you know the better you become at certain things. Black Desert is no exception and they made a system that rewards you for going above and beyond to gain knowledge. Simple tasks such as combat and exploring will raise your knowledge along with talking you to local NPCs. So don’t be shy, get chatty, and boost that knowledge.


With a game with so many things to do, what else could this game have to offer? Its customization of character is off the charts, with so many features and items to choose from, you will be extremely satisfied by how you look. Everyone knows if you look good, you game good. (I know that sounds stupid but I had to).

So What Are You Waiting For, Go Download It

This game has unlimited possibilities, and I was only able to touch base on some of its main features. So go and get your free game and see how amazing this game is for yourself. Maybe I will see you out there in the world of Black Desert. Thank you for reading this and feel free to check out some of our other stuff on our site. Just click this link to head back to our home page. Also, let us know how we are doing, or just tell us some of your favorite things about Black Desert Online down in the comments.

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