Control Review

Exciting, fast pace, bone-chilling, and extremely fun. These are just a few ways to explain Control. This game is like Inception meets The Shining and it totally works. I’ll try not to leak too many spoilers since this game is still getting updates. Plus it’s already on the cheaper side of games as well as being on Xbox Game Pass. So it’s pretty easy to get a hold of and enjoy every bit of it. With all this being said let’s dive into this marvelous game that will have your head spinning and your palms sweating.

With all my games I try and see as little content as possible before I do my playthrough. This game was no exception. I was unaware of the story and plot completely. The only thing I knew was that you had telekinesis powers in a way. So my thought process was that this was going to be fun. Let’s face it telekinesis is pretty cool.

As I came into the first scene of the game I instantly started to feel this scary vibe, but not scary like being chased by a murderer scary, more like scary I’m slowly losing my mind scary. You play as a woman named Jesse and when the game starts you find yourself in a government building (The Beuaro of control). You have very little to no back story and you really don’t know why you’re there, all you know is that it’s creepy, and you’re looking for something. The building feels 100% abandoned (yes this game is so immersive I could feel the abandonment of this building.) The game also starts off pretty slow, you make your way through a couple of rooms only to run into one person, The Janitor, a nice but very creepy old man who speaks in such a way that just thinking about it gives me chills. The Janitor in a way is the key to everything. He gives you access to the elevator which leads you to The Director’s office. This is where the game, for me at least, truly starts. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

So far we have encountered a weird vibe and collected some documents but once you find The Director and get your first weapon, the fun begins. Right, when you leave the room it’s an all-out blood bath, minus the blood. (It seems that the NPCs you’re shooting just disappear with little to no blood at all.) But as I was saying it’s an all-out war and It is exhilarating. As you progress through the game you can upgrade your weapons and even your powers. This came as a complete shock to me when I realized that this was almost a full-blown looter type game where you upgrade and improve the farther you progress. I loved this aspect of the game and the more I played the more I wanted to find every loot box imaginable. Unfortunately, I’m a game reviewer and I knew I needed to push through with the story.

The Story was incredible. you obviously find out the building was not abandoned mostly because of all the people you have to shoot through but that’s not all who is there. The employees of the Beuaro are still there and it is your job to save them and make your way through each level and clear the Hiss. (A name for the bad guys that Jesse gives them with her first encounter with a sane person.) You also learn a lot more about why you’re there once you encounter real people. Like I said I don’t want to go too deep because I want you to experience this game yourself, but you’re looking for your brother. On your search for your brother, you encounter outstanding gameplay including gunfights, boss fights, and even some puzzling. This makes the game fun and also challenging which I feel is a perfect combination for a great game.

Final Opinion

This game was incredible. From the storyline to the fact that it was a looter and I never even could imagine a game like this could be that. I had a complete blast playing this game while also getting chills down my spine because of the phycological aspect it throws at you. I can see myself coming back to this game and playing it over and over again trying to get every little item to complete it 100%. There were a couple of issues with the game but mostly minor stuff. I felt the respawn aspect of the game wasted a lot of time since it made you go back to main save points even though the game was constantly autosaving. I did not like having to run back through a whole section that was already cleared just because I died towards the end. Another little mishap I ran into, was that some of my dialog was silent and even the subtitles turned off on me so I did miss some important storyline Dialog. (This could have to do with my play on an Xbox Series X and it not being fully optimized for it yet, but who knows.) I had a blast playing this game and I can’t wait to see what’s to come of this game since I still haven’t played any of the expansions.

Star Rating

Even though It did have some bugs, I really didn’t see much wrong with this game at all and that is why I will be giving Control a 5 out of 5 Stars!

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