The Falconeer Review

Where should I start for The Falconeer? I had high hopes for this game based off of the beautiful art work and I can say that at some points I did enjoy playing it. But I can’t say it was anything that I expected it to be. Yes the art was beautiful but other than that I felt like it was missing a whole lot, in the sense of gameplay. When I first jumped into the game I found myself having a hard time controlling my giant beautiful falcon. Yes, games like this, I would say a fighter pilot game, always take time to get use to the controls, but I felt that I had way more difficulty than I should have. After adjusting my settings and finally getting the hang of it, I could feel myself starting to have fun as I ran into battle after battle with other birds, ships and air ships. This to me didn’t seem to last very long solely based off the repetitiveness of the missions. Obviously it’s hard to make unique missions over and over again and I could tell the developers were trying by adding fighting, delivery and escort missions along the way. Unfortunately they still all seemed very similar.

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Since the missions kept feeling so repetitive I took to the sky in free mode and roamed around for a bit. This is where I enjoyed myself the most. I slowly explored the beautiful terrain of an ocean that seems to be ripped apart and I never really wanted to land. But wanting to find out more about the game, I went to do some more research on the upgrades you can add to your bird. Once I landed at home base I upgraded my Falcon as much as I could by injecting it with some kind of fluid to make it faster. Yes I said injected, and I know this is a video game but the animal lover side of me kind of cringed at the thought of genetically modifying a living thing with some random serum. Once I started to get to the harder stages of the game I found myself having to replay missions over and over again from the start. I was not happy about this since I already felt that the missions were very repetitive. Hopefully, in updates to come, they can add check points in some of the harder missions so when you get to you last battle point you don’t have to fight everything all over again. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Final Opinion

The Falconeer had high hopes in my eyes but went down in a blaze of glory. (RIP to all my fallen falcons.) I think if they can find a way to make missions less repetitive and change the upgrades to the birds so you don’t have to shoot them up with what in my mind seemed like drugs or steroids the game would be much better. Then it might become the game it should be. The art work is amazing and while free roaming you feel like it’s a whole different game. To be honest, I feel that these two features are the reason why I wont be giving this game a low star rating of 2 or 1. Still with much to improve I don’t see this game getting much play out of me, unless I want to float into the clouds in free roam.

Star Rating

This game will be getting 3 out of 5 Stars from me thanks to its art and and the feature that allows you the freedom to roam in the open world.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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