The Nuance of Speed: Dirt 5 Review

Racing is the perfect balance of speed and control. Lose one and the whole thing comes apart. Racing and video games are very similar in this regard. If a game has amazing graphics, story, gameplay, and a sense of adventure you’ve got something special but remove one or two of those aspects and you’re left with something that has little to be desired. Step into frame “DIRT 5”. As an avid car enthusiast and lover of all racing games, I was pretty excited to step into the world of DIRT. To be completely honest this was my first jaunt into this world and I had high hopes.

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You’re welcomed into DIRT 5 with the warm nostalgic glow of neons and vibrating colors, reminiscent of arcade games of the past. My first thought is excited and rushed. But as soon as the story starts confusion sets in. The home page is clunky and hard to navigate. Picking cars to race is strange and unpolished. Each click of the controller feels like your searching for something you cannot find. Once you have finally navigated your way to a race it doesn’t get much better. The controls are loose and unwelcoming, I mean I get it your on dirt but it’s almost impossible to steer unless you’ve picked the top-of-the-line Subaru. Crashes in this game almost guarantee a restart. No rewind button like Forza. Speaking of Forza, the lack of an open world now in a racing game almost seems silly. Dirt is a closed world so if by accident you venture off a track you are restarted in last place. Definitely not a fun position to be in.

Some points include customizing your car and finding new challenges. When customizing your car you will be very disappointed with the outcome. The color you pick is nothing like the color your car is shown in during a race. You cannot add any mods to the car’s exterior as well. What you see is what you get. Tracks and maps are short and uninspired. Almost as if the design team just changed the scenery of a track instead of creating new tracks all together. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

To be completely honest about this game it’s totally playable. Nothing too inspired here and if you had the choice I’d much rather be in Forza Horizons open world where the gameplay is fast fun and exciting. It goes back to balance, speed and control. If Forza is a mid-engine hypercar then DIRT 5 is a beat-up pickup truck. This game gets a 2 out of 5 star rating from me. It just lacks the inspiration to make you feel like you are the race car driver of your dreams.

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