In Rays Of The Light Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When I read the description of this game and saw First-person meditative quest, I was thrilled to think that I was going to get to play a game that was relaxing, something I could just escape into and not think about the axiality-ridden world around us. When I started playing the game and was standing directly in front of a static TV I knew something wasn’t right. I felt that hope of a relaxing meditative game slowly disappear. Not to say that this game isn’t a meditative quest because certain parts of the game are.

In Rays of the Light, was beautiful right from the start. The first thing I noticed was the music. It was so calming and meditative and when you were outside in the light with the trees and foliage all around you, you felt like you were in a paradise. But as soon as you are inside and the light is dim, the music becomes quiet and I started to think, what am I getting myself into. The details and the lighting to this game are so pure and so well done that a simple thing like going from inside to outside truly makes your whole mindset change.

As you make your way through this abandoned building with the perception that a nuclear war had destroyed all living things in the area, you get a sense that you aren’t alone. But before you can leave there is something you must figure out. As you make your way from room to room, clues and puzzles are presented to you. You know you need to solve them but you truly don’t know why. This mystery truly keeps you moving along and makes the game interesting at every turn.

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With the game being so beautiful outside of the building I found myself hoping that it would venture more into the open world. Oh, was I wrong. As you progress, you are forced into the basement of this building. If you thought the building’s lighting gave you the chills just wait until you make your way down to the basement. At this point, the game has turned from a meditative quest to a get me the hell out of here quest. The scenes in the basement truly hit hard because they are so realistic. You can feel the pain of victims from what was confirmed as a nuclear war.

After you finally get out of the basement you are let back into the sunlight, but your intensity from the basement never goes away until you make your way to the final portion of the game. Here is where you realize why you had to solve these puzzles. As you float up into the air(and I’m not gonna go into detail because I don’t want to cause any spoilers) you actually feel the anxiety and tension release from your body. The emotions this game gives you are so immersive that you can just tell it was made by a true storyteller.

In Rays of the Light is receiving a 5-star rating because of its attention to detail, excellent lighting, and amazing storytelling. The storytelling is so good that I am getting the chills just writing this review. I want to say thank you to Sometimes You for letting me have a copy of this game a couple of days early and also thank you to Noskov Sergey for creating such a roller coaster of a ride game that truly makes you feel immersed.

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