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I know what everyone is thinking right now based on the title on the screen. A video game about a sock going on an adventure, why would I want to play that? I thought the same thing when I got the email for this game. I almost didn’t even ask for a copy to do a review on it, but oh, am I glad I did. Sockventure turned out to be one of my favorite games of the year so far. I even risked precious hours of my sleep to play it. It was that good. So please sit back and let me tell you why this game is the next big 2D platformer.

For starters, Sockventure has a very playful, funny kind of feel to it right from the start. You start as an odd-looking kid whose mother wants him to do his laundry. With his screen time taken away until he finishes it, he must use his imagination to pass the time. What better way to do the laundry than to think of the Evil washing machine eating your socks? And the only way to save them is by calling on a superhero to jump into the washer and save the day. Once you have named your superhero, the 2D Platforming really starts.

Once the game begins, you’re in the washing machine, and it’s full of vibrant colors and great level designs. All the colors are eye-catching and make the game a blast to stare at for hours on end. Not to mention the music that goes along perfectly with every level. This combination makes the game exciting and energetic, making the game a blast to play.

After I stopped drooling over the design of the game, I started to get into the mechanics. The gameplay was very smooth and fast-paced—the fast-paced gameplay made for a lot of fun and caused many deaths. I didn’t find any issues with controls until I decided to give the controller a try. The only problem I had with the controller was when I had to go in a diagonal direction. I continuously shot myself sideways when I did not want to. Other than that, I found the controller much easier to use, and I think it even improved my gameplay in many ways. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Every game can’t be perfect, but Sockventure truly came pretty close. The only real hiccup I ran into was acquiring a new skill, and it only happened once. When a new skill appears for you, you must get it out of a device by clicking Q. Easy enough, right well during my first encounter with one, I ran right past it. Then when I tried to do my wall jump, I was unable to. After a couple of minutes of trying, I backtracked and realized that I missed this device completely since it blended into the background so well. Not that it’s wasn’t noticeable; it just seemed duller than everything else, and it looked as if it was just part of the scenery. Other than this one thing, everything went smooth, and once I realized my mistake, I never made it again throughout my journey.

The best part about this game and the reason it drew me in was that it never stopped moving. The transition from level to level was so smooth, and each restart after every death popped you right back and had you going again. This created an atmosphere where I felt I needed to finish every level, and even after each chapter, I couldn’t seem to stop playing. I risked my precious sleep for this game because I was having such a good time.

Another part of the game that caught my attention was that each chapter had its own helpful but simple dialog. The dialog helped explain the story and give you little hints on how to play along the way. A bonus to the simple yet original storyline was all the socks you could collect through the maps. The developers included hidden socks as well as ones you got for completing certain sections. This kept you focused and driven to complete each level while looking out for that hidden spot with the cool socks. This made each level more interesting because you were always looking for a level inside the level, challenging you differently.

Final Verdict on Sockventure

Sockventure is one of those Platformers where you tell yourself one more death, and then I’m finished, and then 100 deaths later, you’re still saying the same thing. With at least 1000 deaths to my name, I never thought once to myself that I wasn’t having fun. Even though I thought of rage quitting, something brought me back to try, try, try again. I think that statement tells you how amazing this game truly is.

Besides a couple of little issues with the skills activator and my controller analog stick, I can’t say I found anything truly wrong with this game. Every second I spent flying through the levels at what seemed like lightning speed was amazing. The graphics were appealing, and the music was catchy. It gave you the feeling that I need to finish this level before logging off for the night. Any game that has you sacrificing sleep is a great one, in my eyes. Sockventure is definitely one for the ages and an instant classic in my books. I can’t wait to hop back on to improve my run from last night. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Let us know if you’re thinking about getting Sockventure in our comments below. I promise you that you will have a great time. Trust me, I had a blast, and I’m pretty sure I died well over 1000 times. I want to thank Versus Evil and Night House Games for getting us an early copy, and I hope you can defeat the evil washing machine and claim all your lost socks, even Grandmas hand made ones from a year ago.

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