Knockout City Review

This new and exciting dodgeball team deathmatch will have you enjoying a childhood sport all over again. With its high-paced gameplay to its easy to learn controls, this game is perfect for everyone. Knockout City certainly packs a punch when it comes to fun and excitement.

I’m going to be honest here, Knockout City starts off kind of boring. Even though it has minimal controls to learn, it is a little tricky to get the hang of things. Timing is key in this game, so unless you’re a skilled gamer already, it does get pretty frustrating in the first couple of games. Luckily it’s something you pick up fairly quickly, and once you do, this game is a blast.

After you have picked up the basics and adjusted your timing, this game is addicting. The best way to fully enjoy it is to get a good squad. Just in any team deathmatch setting, communication is key. If you can group up in this game and have balls flying at your opponents all at once, then a victory is pretty easy to come by. It’s once you start to space out and you start getting teamed upon when things start to fall apart.

This game is truly at its best when both teams seem to know what they are doing. If everyone is grouped up and working together, it’s an all-out brawl. Dodgeballs are flying left and right, all while you duck dodge and dive your way to victory. There is no better feeling than getting that last hit to win the match.

There are so many other pluses to this game other than its gameplay. Its level design and art make the game easy to look at and enjoy. All the bright colors and cartoonish characters really turn this game into something special. It reminds me of all the cartoons I watched growing up as a kid, except the quality is much better.

With it being an EA product, you have to expect some awesome customization and fun in-game purchases. So far, I’ve been able to unlock plenty of cool-looking gear without having to spend a dime, but I do say some of the stuff in the store is pretty fly.

Final Verdict

All around, Knockout City is so much fun and a great game to play with anyone, young or old. The only issue I seemed to run into was that it did take some time to get used to the controls. But once I found my grove and found a competitive squad, I quickly forgot about that and cruised to plenty of exciting and awesome victories.

I feel that a game like Knockout City has to have many updates and added content. Just because it did seem to get pretty repetitive once I started getting better and my team worked together properly. If the developers can continue adding new maps and fun, exciting challenges, I can see this game being around and competitive for a long time. If they don’t keep adding to it, it might just fall apart and become one of those games that could have been. I know EA has plenty of recourses, and we have been told this game will have lots to look forward to, so I’m excited to see what’s next for Knockout City.

This review wouldn’t be a TGO post if I didn’t mention that this game is available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So if you have XGPU, definitely give Knockout City a try. If you don’t and are on the fence about purchasing it, I highly recommend you give this fast-paced dodgeball deathmatch a try. Trust me, once you learn the proper way how to play, it’s hard to set the controller down.

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