Mighty Goose Review

Picture yourself as a badass bounty hunter, traveling space as you take down bad guys who have been causing some trouble in your universe. You’re equipped with robot arms and robot legs and have moves better than any kungfu fighter. Oh, and did I mention you are a goose. Mighty Goose is an action-packed side scroller that will put you to the test as you advance through each level to save the Universe from the evil Void King.

Now that we have gotten the awesome introduction out of the way let’s dive a little deeper into the world of Mighty Goose. The game is simple yet very addictive, as you move sideways and fight all sorts of creatures and bad guys along the way. With multiple abilities to improve your bird, you can play the game in many different ways. In addition, specific items can be added along with companions that will join you on your journey to defeat the Void King.

With it being a pretty run-of-the-mill shoot ’em up side scroller, it did seem to get a little repetitive and easy at times throughout the game. A few levels mixed things up a little bit as you got to fight in vehicles and face a couple of bosses along the way. It was always great to find that mech waiting for you to slash down your enemies. I didn’t have an issue with most levels being easy. The only problem I found was that the levels didn’t seem balanced. One level could be simple and quick, and then all of a sudden, you’re in a mission that takes twice as long and is twice as hard, only to go back to a more manageable level right after.

Mighty Goose might be simple and easy to play for the most part, but I think that’s part of its charm. It’s a nice quick and easy side scroller that will have you repeatedly trying to improve your run. When it comes to shooting and dodging, I would have to say Mighty Goose has the moves. This goose is pretty awesome, and it feels pretty good to run down your Enemy and honk them into oblivion.

Just like Mighty Goose, this review is short and sweet so, let’s recap the rights and the wrongs of Mighty Goose. First off, we will start with the good. Mighty Goose has a nice feel to it, the mechanics are smooth, and nothing is more fun than blasting your way to space as a soft and fluffy goose. The bad isn’t that bad unless you think level imbalance is a deal-breaker or too easy doesn’t work for you. For me, it was refreshing to know I can play a game and beat it in a couple of hours. The best part about that is it didn’t feel like a chore to go back and replay the levels. With most of the levels being a breeze to complete, I found it fun to get back in there and try and improve my rank.

So if you’re looking for a nice relaxing side scroller where you can feel like an experienced gamer, Mighty Goose might be the game for you. Plus, who doesn’t want to be a Goose with robot arms that can attach a shotgun to it? If you are on the fence about getting Mighty Goose, I would 100% give it a try because even though it is short and sweet, it is also a blast to play.

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