37.5 Million Raised for A New Game Studio Called Theorycraft Games

Well-seasoned video game developers are hard to come by nowadays. Once a company finds the right people, they tend to stick with them, and for good reason. When investors saw the resumes of the Theorycraft Games crew, it was a no-brainer. Money started flying out of people’s pockets like a peregrine falcon diving for its prey. NetEase, Inc. led a Series A funding round, raising 37.5 million dollars for Theorycraft Games. Theorycraft Games’ roster includes multiple developers from all over the video game industry. Some of these developers have worked for Riot Games, Blizzard, Valve, and Bungie and have led game development on games such as  League of LegendsHaloDestinyOverwatchValorant, and Team Fortress 2.

Mo Money, No Problems

Since money’s not going to be an issue for this budding game studio, everyone is excited about what games they’ll be working on. Theorycraft Games has made it clear that no matter what games they make, they will be centered around gamers. Luckily for us, they have already put out some details on what types of games we will see from them. Many of the developers have worked on PvP-type games so it’s likely that their first project will be a PvP game. Theorycraft Games stated they want to make a community-based 10,000-hour game, with their focus being games you can play with friends. Theorycraft Games boldly states on the homepage of their website,

 “We believe games serve fundamental human needs: the need to belong; the need to express one’s creativity; the need to master something. We’re hellbent on serving those needs better than anyone else, by making unapologetically deep games that give all players the chance to connect, to compete, and to take center stage in incredible stories.”


If You’re a Game Developer, You Can Join the Fray

Theorycraft Games is looking to grow its team and they’re looking for people who are “naturally curious, always learning and intrinsically motivated.” If you think you have what it takes to create with the best, head over to their careers page to submit your application. This can be your big break if you can get in early and grow with what could be the next best gaming studio. Everyone knows confidence is important so if you’re applying, just think like Theorycraft’s Ceo and founder Joe Tung. He had no issues expressing how excited he was for what’s to come, he had this to say,

“We feel pretty damn fortunate—not only to have gotten off to such a great start to the studio—but to have found a group of such like-minded partners who believe like we do that games serve fundamental human needs; who support our goal of getting the game in players’ hands quickly and developing the game with them; and most importantly, who understand that we are in this for the long-term. NetEase and our co-investors are the ideal group of partners to help us bring the company’s vision to life,”

Theorycraft Games is brand new so information is scarce. We do know they will be operating out of Seattle and Los Angeles, have lots of talented employees, and have plenty of money to make something great. Hopefully, they will create the next best game in the PVP world, maybe even knocking Fortnite from its throne. We will have to wait and see. Luckily, you will be able to stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter and checking our website daily. As always, Game On Gamers, and have a great day!

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