41 Hours Prologue Thoughts

So I recently played the 41 Hours Prologue, and since it’s pretty much just a snippet of the game, I didn’t want to call this a review. I will most likely be reviewing the full game when it releases in April, but I thought I would share my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far. When I first started the game, I noticed a clean-cut, nice-looking main menu, easy to navigate, and just very pleasing to look at even though it was so simple. Once I got into the game, the storyline started with a nice-looking comic explaining the plot. So far, I’m interested and getting myself excited to play this game.

The minute the tutorial starts, my hype diminishes pretty quickly. The movements aren’t fluid, and the graphics aren’t winning any awards. Graphics aren’t everything, especially for smaller game developers like Texelworks, as long as you can give us a good story and even better gameplay. Based on the cut scenes, the story seems to be on the right path. I can see myself getting into it with the proper gameplay. The only problem is… the gameplay.

There is no rhyme or reason to what you are doing. You have this big open map that you can roam all around with areas where waves of enemies can spawn. In these areas, there are very few buildings, and the structures that are there are frustrating to try and move around in. Just picture a bear in a house that has way too much furniture. That’s what it feels like when you’re in one of these buildings. Your main goal is to collect items at specific points that are crawling with what seems to be non-stop enemies.

After I finally got the hang of the controls and started making progress, I noticed that I was doing the same thing repeatedly. All the missions were running from one spot picking up keys, and then running to the next area. I found myself avoiding almost all combat by running over the mountains and just going straight to the items I needed to get. I know the open-world concept appeals to so many people, but it was not required whatsoever in this game. If you take the scenic route and go over the mountains, be ready for glitching through the grounds and having to backtrack because you glitch through the floor.

I do have one nice thing to say about this game, and that was the combat. The weapons felt nice to use, and even though the enemies seemed never to end, it was fun just having an all-out brawl. When I wasn’t avoiding the main path and did run into actual enemies, I had a great time using my abilities like slowing down time or turning invisible.

The only ability I wasn’t a fan of was the ability to move boxes and boards. They implemented this so you could climb to specific points to reach the items you needed. It felt forced as if they needed something to add to the game, and they thought building was the solution. I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy having to try and stack blocks while getting shot at by robots.

Luckily for the developers over at Texelworks, it is only the Prologue. Hopefully, they are getting feedback and making changes to be ready for launch by late April. If I were an investor in creating this game, I would hope some fixes were made by launch or even expect they would push back the launch until there are no issues. It just didn’t feel like a finished game for me, and who knows, maybe the development team can polish things out in one month. I hope they prove me wrong because I loved the combat and the story plot, but that’s it.

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41 Hours Prologue is free now, so go and give it a try and tell me what you think of the game. I’m interested to see if you have similar thoughts or if my view of the game is way different from everyone else. If you like the content on this post, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep getting juicy stuff like this foreverrrrrr. If you don’t want to get emails from us, give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter so you can stay up to date that way. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and as always, Game On Gamers

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