Almighty: Kill Your Gods Early Access Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a wolf/sheep thing that has died but was brought back to life to fight and save its whole Island? No? well now you can. In Almighty: Kill Your Gods, that is precisely what you will be, and I can tell you, it’s pretty fun.

As you are resurrected from the dead, you are thrown straight into battle to rid the monsters from your Island. This puts you in high-intensity action where you learn how you use your weapons. Even though these weapons tend to sound a little on the childish side( you know, pews and pows type stuff), they are a blast to use. As you jump and fly through the air smashing down on your enemy. You start to feel that this game is a smash and grab type game and will be mostly combat-driven.

After you have cleared all the evil from your island, you head back to the central tower. This tower is where your Island measures in strength. The More you upgrade your building, the stronger your island will be and the more protected it will be. To grow your Island and bring it back to the way it once was, you must explore the surrounding islands and destroy the evil that has conquered them. You will also need to save your kindred along the way, complete quest, and gather resources that will help progress the strength of your home island.

So even though my initial reaction to this game being a smash-and-grab type game was true. There was a whole other side to the gameplay that I never even imagined would be in this game. The details that have gone into this game and the fact that there is already a massive amount of quest available in early access is incredible. If you were to ask me how to describe this game in one word, I would easily say potential. Almighty: Kill Your Gods future is bright, since it will be coming out with even more content and improvements in the months to come.

Now when it comes to early access, I’m not particularly eager to give an official rating. But if I were to answer the question of is this game worth the $19.99 price point on steam. Then I would have to say Yes. This game for early access, though shaky in some parts, including graphics and framerate, is still excellent. With already a massive amount of content in early access, it is worth the $19.99 that will help support this game and let it grow into the amazing game it can be.

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