Battlefield 6 Images have Allegedly Been Leaked

Two Images claiming to be from Battlefield 6 were leaked today on Twitter. The developers over at Dice have been doing a fantastic job keeping Battlefield 6 from us, but these images have been confirmed from a creditable source to be real. Tom Henderson is an influencer who has published several Battlefield 6 reports and went to Twitter to confirm the two images were indeed real.

“I’m not going to [retweet] or share for obvious reasons… But yes, the 2 #BATTLEFIELD images that have been leaked in the past hour are real,”

Tom Henderson

If you would like to see, these images go ahead and click here and here. As you can tell, the images are pretty low quality. Henderson stated that these images most likely came from a zoom meeting that featured said images.

Battlefield 6 is supposed to launch sometime in 2021 and will utilize every bit of power the Next Generation of consoles and PC have to offer.

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