Call of Duty: Warzone Should of done more with its “New Map”

Call of Duty Warzone recently came out with a “new map,” Verdansk ‘84. The only problem is that it is not a new map, it’s the same map, but they just went back in time to 1984. I know it fits the theme of their recent game, Call of Duty Cold War but seriously, Call of Duty developers? A simple redesign of Verdansk is all you got for your vast fan base that continuously dumps money into your franchise. Obviously, I know making any bit of a video game isn’t simple, but a little more thought could have gone into creating a new map.

We all know change is hard, and putting out new content means people who like the old stuff might get a little hostile. But sometimes, you need to take the leap into the unknown and not care what your fans are going to think. Every year Call of Duty gets ragged on for making the same game repeatedly with minimal improvements. They try and fix things by nerfing weapons and buffing others. These adjustments always end in more conflict. I’m sure the Call of Duty employees have heard it all, so I’m wondering why they were afraid to come out with something new. What’s the worst that could of happen, more hate comments?

The only explanation I could think of is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but if that was the case, what was the point for the “new map”. Almost everyone was happy with the original Verdansk, and if they were getting sick and tired of it, then the best way to fix it would be to make an original map, right? The solution wouldn’t be to make the same map but back in 1984. It just feels like Call of Duty took a shortcut so they can pitch some new stuff and make some more money.

Now I’m not saying that this new map doesn’t add a different feel to the game. It definitely brings in a new and fresh vibe to Verdansk since all the old rundown buildings are new, and specific locations like the Stadium and Airport have changed drastically. The only issue I have is that it’s like throwing a fresh coat of paint on your house and landscaping your front yard. Yeah, everything feels fresh and new, but it doesn’t mean you have a new house. It’s still the same old house; the only difference is you see it in a new light.

When I heard that Call of Duty Warzone was getting a new map, I got excited. I put down the sticks to play other games and was looking forward to jumping back into the Call of Duty world with something fresh. Once the map was released, and I launched for the first time to see the same map with some changes. I couldn’t get myself back into the game, I wanted new, not old, with a fresh coat of paint. I grew up playing Call of Duty, so it will always be in my heart and on my hard drive, but I think Call of Duty could be doing a little bit more with its creativity.

Let me know what you think of the new map? Is it exactly what you wanted, or were you wanting something more original? Also, don’t be afraid to let me know what you think of this post? If I’m going to dish out some criticism for someone’s hard work, I’m 100% ready to take the same criticism myself. Just make sure not to use explicit language in the comments because that will just get deleted.

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