Under The Jolly Roger’s New DLC: Jade Sea Launches Today

Get ready to embark on a new adventure in Under The Jolly Roger. Hero Craft announced that the DLC Jade Sea comes out today, April 8, 2021, on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. As you sail into this new DLC, you will encounter a new quest along with some new allies that will help youContinue reading “Under The Jolly Roger’s New DLC: Jade Sea Launches Today”

A Sizeable Amount of Fun (Sizeable Review)

Have you ever wanted the power to shrink and grow items with a touch of your finger? In Sizeable you will get to do just that. In this small puzzle game, you must manipulate the items in a beautiful small-scale 3D world in order to find the 3 hidden pillars and move on to theContinue reading “A Sizeable Amount of Fun (Sizeable Review)”

A Pirate’s Life for Me (Under the Jolly Roger Review)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an actual pirate? Under the Jolly Roger captures that exact feeling. The only problem is being a pirate isn’t always like what you see in the movies. I am a history nerd and if you love history like me then you know pirates wereContinue reading “A Pirate’s Life for Me (Under the Jolly Roger Review)”

The Nuance of Speed: Dirt 5 Review

Racing is the perfect balance of speed and control. Lose one and the whole thing comes apart. Racing and video games are very similar in this regard. If a game has amazing graphics, story, gameplay, and a sense of adventure you’ve got something special but remove one or two of those aspects and you’re leftContinue reading “The Nuance of Speed: Dirt 5 Review”