Dungeon of Eyden Random Launch

Today we were surprised to find out that Dungeon of Eyden was being launched. This classic style RPG will have you hacking and slashing you way to the high score. Don’t expect to learn the map just to get the high score. Every time you play this game or die, a new map is loaded in. That means its going to take pure skill or some amazing luck to be the best. So what are you waiting for, start hacking and slashing.

Dungeon of Eyden is available on Steam for only $6.99. Tell us what you think about Dungeon of Eyden and look out for our review coming soon. We might even do a video on it, who knows. Tell us if you would like to start seeing us do videos and live streams. We are a small team but we are working on bringing you exciting and fun ways to explore the gaming world.

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