Dungeon of Eyden Review

Confusing, repetitive, agonizing, and oh so addictive, these are just a few ways to explain Dungeon of Eyden. This old-school style hack and slash dungeon crawler pulls you in with its nostalgic play style and graphics. It slowly starts to push you away with its clunky mechanics and lack of direction, just to pull you right back in with its ability to make you want to complete the last dungeon and fight for a high score or speed run.

When I first started to play this game, I was excited. It’s hard not to get excited about hack and slash games since it’s constant go go go action. You spawn in a village with one task at hand, open the door directly in front of you. The only issue is how? After wandering around and fighting monsters for 40 minutes, I finally ran into a dungeon! Unfortunately, it was not the right one. Luckily for me, I noticed it was numbered on the map and went looking for the correct dungeon. Once I found the proper dungeon, the game started to pick up.

I finally realized what the primary goal of the game was, so I started preparing myself for what I thought would be a challenging and long fight in the dungeons. I quickly rushed back to the main town to stock up on equipment. The only thing is the equipment doesn’t do much. It wasn’t until I reached the final dungeon where I noticed that the weapons and armor were significantly better and could make a difference when fighting. I did like the large number of abilities you could acquire and the choice to buy access to maps, dungeons, trainers, and shops located around the map.

Once I was ready, I made my way to the first dungeon. Once inside, I found it pretty easy to finish and figured it was just the first dungeon, and the rest would get more challenging. I was wrong, all four dungeons were relatively easy, and I had no trouble completing them at a pretty fast pace. I ended up restarting from the beginning due to death while trying to get an extra heart of life. My death was a blessing in disguise since I purchased a sword with good reach right from the start and ignored all monsters running through stages until I found the dungeons. Instead of wandering around for 40 minutes to find my first dungeon, I completed 4 Dungeons with one sword and a couple of abilities in 20 minutes.

I didn’t have a problem running through the world untouched, but being able to complete four dungeons with a starting weapon did rub me the wrong way. It almost made me feel like why even have shops and items scattered throughout the map. Still feeling that the final dungeon has to be a little more complicated, I geared up with the top gear I could get and made my way into the open door. This dungeon was noticeably more challenging, which was good since I felt like this whole game would be a cakewalk. Since I prepared myself before I entered, I made my way to the final boss without losing too many hearts. Upon entrance to the room, I was immediately set on fire and down to half a heart. I ran back out and collected some health that they put there in case you need it. I walked back in knowing what to expect but still was set on fire, causing me to lose almost all my health again. after only getting one hit on the final boss, I was defeated and sent back to the beginning, where I will have to start again. The funny thing about this game is, even though the controls are clunky and the shop and item system doesn’t make sense, you want to keep playing it. I know I will be back for another go at the final boss since I still have that feeling that I need to finish this game. I do think, once I beat the boss, that I will probably give up this hack and slash since its only appealability is the fact you want to finish the game.

So set aside the controls, the useless items, and the ability to complete the first four dungeons with just one sword and some boots, and this game is fun. You get to run around and battle silly-looking monsters, all while trying to reach the goal of success. Even though the central premise of this game of hacking and slashing makes the game fun and the replayability of wanting to complete it has you coming back for more, it doesn’t mean it is an all-around good game. With too many issues and the fact that the game is just too easy at some points and then way too hard at the end, I have to give this game a 3 Star rating. It’s not the worst and shows lots of potentials if the developer can polish some of the things I mentioned. For only $6.99, I think it’s worth giving it a chance, but if you were on the fence about it, to begin with, maybe wait for a discounted price.

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