Dying Light 2 Livestream Recap and Release Date

It is finally here. Dying Light 2 will officially be released on December 7th, 2021. This was probably the most anticipated information in Dying Lights Livestream today, but there was so much more getting everyone excited for Dying Light 2.

While talking to the creators and developers of Dying Light 2, we learned that there would be factions that will guide you through your journey. It is up to you how you interact with each faction as they will shape the world around you. Each section on the map will have water and electricity to unlock. You will then assign them to the faction of your choice. Giving faction access to these resources will unlock certain items and abilities for you to maneuver around the city.

Speaking of moving around the city, the game developers also talked about the 3000 parkour moves available in the game. This is double the amount that was in the original Dying Light. Aidan Caldwell is the main character, and he will be the one performing these amazing movements on the rooftops of Dying Light 2.

The Roof Tops will be your friend both day and night. While you move from place to place during the day, you will encounter people who still live in a very hostile environment. Not all of these people will be friendly, and your choices on who you help will affect how they react to you. Certain people like Bandits will attack you no matter what, so you will always need to be on your toes. Once the Light falls, the whole city changes as the non-infected hide in terror of infected Monsters.

Nighttime is a rough time, and if hard to stay alive but with great challenge brings great reward. During the nighttime, the hives or places the infected go during the day is empty. These hives are where epic loot and resources can be found. It will not be easy, and it is up to you if the reward is worth the risk. So now that we know when Dying Light will be released and a ton more details on how it will be played. How will you make your way through the streets/rooftops of Dying Light 2?

If you missed the 7:30 minute Gameplay trailer, check it out below. If you wanted to see the whole Livestream, check it out on Dying Lights 2 YouTube. You can also pre-order Dying light 2 by clicking the link here. Stay tuned for more Dying Light information soon, as the development team will be hosting another Livestream further down the road.

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