Empire of Ember Early Access Releases Today

Today marks the day that Empire of Ember early Access Releases. Poleaxe Games is looking for feedback on Empire of Ember hence the early access. What is Empire of Ember, you may ask? It is a First-Person RPG Strategy game where you command your army to avenge your mentor. Empire of Ember is available on steam for only $24.99.

Oh, you want to learn a little more about the game? Where should I start, maybe the building portion or the commanding part, or even the first person aspect? How about I go in order, starting with the building portion of the game.


Think of your normal strategy/city builder game. You start with the basics, in this case, a wizard’s tower. The wizard’s tower is your home where you control your troops, trading, and people. From your wizard tower, you can add new buildings to your city. The bigger the city, the more resources you will use, but the stronger everything else is. Just make sure to build yourself some walls because you can get raided in this game.


In Empire of Ember, you will have the ability to command your troops on expeditions. The unique part about this experience is that it is all in the first person, with the ability to command from what I would say camera mode. That’s right, not your boring old send your troops to fight and wait till they come back type of strategy game. You are 100% part of the action, making this game fun and, at some times, frustrating.

First Person

First-person is the reason why this game is so different from most strategy/city builder games. However, you get to experience this game from many different camera angles and views. You will mostly be exploring and fighting in first-person, making this whole game feel original and different. I’m sure many people have thought of doing it, and maybe there is something out there like this, but Poleaxe games are definitely on to something.

With so many things to do in this game, there is no way it’s just a play once and be done with it. Even in early access, it is filled with lots of content so make sure to give it a chance and tell Poleaxe Games what you thought are on it. The developer really wants to make Empire of Ember the best it could be, so they are looking for your feedback on making it better. Check it out on steam during the first week of launch and get a 20% discount.

Shout Out To Poleaxe Games

Hopefully, you can get a chance to check out this game since the people over at Poleaxe were nice enough to give me an early copy to review. We are not sponsored, but the fact that they were nice enough to get us the game shows how awesome these people are, so give them some support. Also, keep an eye out for our review in the next couple of days. I am currently halfway through the story and am having a good time so expect a fun and exciting review.

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