Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update Skins Allegedly Leaked

With Season 4 of Fall Guys being somewhat new (Released March 22nd), it may be a while until we start to see some new items added and updates made to the game. This does not mean that new outfits are not in the works, and if the video down below is true, you can see what kind of items the crew over at Mediatonic have been working on.

In the YouTube video by KrxnkyFG down below, you can see many new skins displayed. Some of the most noticeable ones are Tron, Bomberman, and 2B from Nier Automata. Even though none of these skins are confirmed to be coming out, it’s pretty exciting that there might be some awesome new skins out there waiting to drop at any minute.

Some of our personal favorites would have to be the Bomberman and Tron skins. They look so perfect, almost like they were made for the Fall Guy World. With just this video to go off, there is no telling if any of those skins will be making it to the Fall Guy realm, but if they are, you best believe ill be throwing on that Bomberman cosplay.

I hope these skins put a smile on your face today because they certainly did for me. Also, let us know what your favorite skin in the video was. And for the developers of Fall Guys, I am sorry if these are actual leaked items making their way into the game. If it makes you feel any better, the work you guys are doing is incredible, so keep it up.

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