Epic Games: Free Games This Week (Ends 2/25/2021)

Yes, you read the title correctly. Epic Games is giving you free games. As a matter of fact, Epic Games gives you a free game every, single, week. This week happens to be a juicy one because they are giving away two games; one of them typically priced at $59.99. So enough of getting everyone excited about these awesome deals, let’s talk about the games that are free!

The first title and the one I’m itching to play is Rage 2. This fast paced apocalyptic game will get your blood pumping with excitement. With a list price on the Epic Game store of $59.99, getting this game for free feels like a steal and it might as well be. Rage 2 did have some very mixed reviews, but if you like driving fast and blowing things up, I think you will be happy with Rage 2.

The other free game on the Epic Game Store is Absolute Drift: Zen Edition and is the complete opposite of Rage 2. The only thing that these two games have in common is that you can drive a car. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-going game where you can slide around corners and compete for a high score, Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is a cgame you will want pick up.

Since both of these games are free, don’t hesitate to get both of them. Just remember that these games are only available until February 25th so don’t be late to the party. If you did arrive a little late, don’t worry. Epic Games is constantly giving out games for free so keep checking Here for the latest free games of the week.

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