GTFO Biggest Update Yet

10 Chambers Collective is the developer for GTFO, and they just announced their biggest update yet. This major update is called Rebirth (aka Rundown #5), and it will add new levels, scenarios, and boosters to the GTFO world.

Rebirth will send you further down The Complex into the Floodways. The Floodways is a new environment that will change the typical scenery you see in GTFO. Usually, you would be in a more industrialized setting, but in the Floodways, you will see an environmental scenery as nature has made its way into The Complex.

Another feature for this upcoming Rundown are Boosts. Boosts are rewards that are earned in-game and will offer temporary buffs to skills. You will also learn some clues on why the Warden has trapped you in The Complex during this Rundown.

If you’re new to GTFO, then you might be wondering what rundowns are. Well, a rundown is what they call their new levels. With every unique rundown, you will encounter a whole new map, but not an added map to ones before. Old rundowns will finish meaning you can’t play them again, making way for the latest rundown. This gives you a fresh and new experience with the game making it unique from other games out there. So if you’re downloading GTFO now, make sure to try and finish Rundown 4 before it disappears on April 29th.

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