HOKKO Life is Coming to Early Access on June 2nd

Welcome to the town of Hokko! Hokko Life is a new community sim game similar to Animal Crossing, just way more customizable. Let’s say you want tiny pillows instead of giant ones. Well, you can adjust that in the world of Hokko. With the ability to craft items and customize them to what fits your style, you will finally be able to build that virtual dream house you have always wanted.

You won’t just be given the supplies to do this. You will have to head to the forest and mine to gather resources to build your beautiful home. After a hard day’s work, you can relax at your favorite fishing spot, catch some bugs, tend to your garden, or even catch up with your friendly neighbors.

This beautiful, customizable sim game will have you living your perfect sim life in a way you could never imagine. Join the Hokko Life by adding it to your Steam Wishlist today so you can start playing on day one of its early access release on June 2nd.

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