Is it too Soon to Remake The Last of Us?

With the confirmation of The Last of Us remake based on Bloomberg’s article, the most common question that has been coming up is, is it too soon? We at The Gamer’s Opinion sat down and discussed what would be considered too soon and why. The simplest way to explain what we agreed on is no; it is not too soon to release The Last of Us Remake. If that is all you were looking for, you can stop reading, but if you want to know how we came to that conclusion, keep your eyeballs on the screen.

So after an hour or so of discussing whether it was or wasn’t too early to make a remake. The clear choice was, it is in no way too early to make The Last of Us Remake. The main reason was because of the enormous fan base that comes with The Last of Us. With so many people that love this game, it only makes sense for Sony to keep producing content for its fans, and what easier way than taking a game that is loved by so many and building it from the ground up with better graphics and added content.

Another reason why it isn’t too early to make a remake of The Last of Us is because of what console it was released on. The Last of Us was released in 2013 over eight years ago for the PlayStation 3. yes, you read that correctly, it might not seem like it, but The Last of Us is almost ten years old. It’s hard to see how fast time fly’s when you truly enjoy a game. And maybe since The Last of Us Part II came out last year, it only feels like the original game was released a couple of years ago. Now, not to say the PlayStation 3 didn’t have good graphics and mechanics back in the day but compared to today’s consoles, the game looks like it’s been around for decades. Also, game development over the last decade has advanced at an insane rate, making game mechanics and functionality much smoother.

The third and final reason we will present to you why we think The Last of Us remake isn’t too soon is that The Last of Us Part II only came out last year. If you genuinely love a franchise enough to replay it. You don’t just want to replay the current game that came out for it. You want to play every single game in that franchise, so you can fully feel immersed in that story. So having The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II available on you PlayStation 5 and both of those game running at the same resolution and quality is a no brainer.

There are plenty of reasons why The Last of Us should be remade, but we 100% understand why people speculate that it is too soon. The main reason we debated on why The Last of Us remastered might be too soon is that Sony has tasked Naughty Dog, the creators of The Last of Us, with the task of remaking it. This is all fine and dandy; if Naughty Dog was done making more The Last of Us games, and maybe they might be, who knows. But if they are not, then why task them with remaking one of their games and not have them make The Last of Us Part III. We know Naughty Dog is a big part of Sony, and there are a lot of moving parts and people that can be working on more than one project. Still, it just seems silly to us when they could use all those amazingly talented people to work on something new and not force them to make something they already made.

Overall the question floating around on whether it’s too soon or perfect timing might be talk to fill the room. Since we have no clue if the remake is even coming out in the near future, it may be assigned to the Naughty Dog team to be produced when the game turns ten years old, or it could be coming out when the TV series comes out. The one thing we know here at The Gamer’s Opinion is when it does come out, we will be happy sitting in our chairs or couches while enjoying one of PlayStation’s best franchises.

This article was written by Michael Gerard, the creator and lead writer of The Gamer’s Opinion. You can follow him on Twitter @TGO_Mike

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