It’s Official Bethesda Is Now Part Of Xbox

With so much talk about Bethesda being acquired by Xbox, we can finally say the deal has been finalized. Just one day after The European Commission approved the deal between ZeniMax Media, the parent company of the studio Bethesda Softworks. Xbox announced that Bethesda is now officially part of the family. For all the Xbox and PC fans out there, the wait is over, you can finally breathe, Bethesda is now on your team. For PlayStation and Nintendo fans, a whole new what if, will start to roll out as media outlets will start to spread rumors about what Xbox might do with all the Bethesda games.

Fortunately for PlayStation users, based on what has been circulating ever since this deal was first announced. PlayStation fans will get to enjoy Bethesda’s upcoming games Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo since these were set to be PlayStation exclusive before Xbox acquired ZeniMax. Unfortunately, these might be the last games from Bethesda they get to play. In a recent interview, Phil Spencer did with the Bloomberg. Phil stated Microsoft will keep their commitment to both PlayStation exclusive games. Phil also said, “We’ll take other consoles on a case-by-case basis,”.

Xbox has always been a little behind when it comes to exclusives, and getting Bethesda on their side will hopefully pull them one step closer to competing with PlayStation. Luckily if you’re a PC player you will be sitting pretty since PlayStation has started releasing most of its exclusive to PC and with Microsoft owning Xbox every game released to Xbox will most likely be available on PC.

The thing I am looking forward to the most from this news is Xbox Game Pass. Hopefully, Xbox will choose to release any Bethesda games old and new straight to Game Pass. To be able to play Bethesda exclusive from Xbox Game Pass would probably drive membership up and also make Xbox Game Pass the undisputed best game subscription service.

Let’s hope Bethesda is already hard at work making some Xbox exclusive, or just a game available for everyone to play. Either way, whatever is in the works for Xbox and Bethesda should be great, based on the work Bethesda has always put out. Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald said “not all games that are releasing this year have been announced.” on the Iron Lords Podcast this week. So if we are lucky maybe one of those projects is from Bethesda. This is just speculation so fingers crossed and for every Xbox player out there I hope it comes true.

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