Lets Cut PlayStation Some Slack

As I was browsing through Twitter yesterday, I noticed many comments about how the PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan must have lost a bet to Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer. In some cases, it might seem that way since Xbox just announced that MLB The Show, a game developed by a PlayStation studio, will be available on Xbox Game Pass the day of its release. On top of that, many PlayStation exclusives have been making their way over to PC benefitting Microsoft, which owns Xbox. This has been creating tension in the PlayStation community, and Xbox fans have been loving every minute of it.

Whether it is PlayStation fans ranting about how PlayStation needs to get it together and stop giving Xbox their games. Or Xbox fans rubbing it in, saying that PlayStation is going downhill because they are giving away too much. It all needs to stop. We as the gaming community need to come together and appreciate what PlayStation and Xbox are doing. They are finally doing what almost every true gaming fan has been asking for; they are working together to release games for everyone.

Yes, they might be starting slow by releasing a PlayStation exclusive sports game to Xbox Game Pass, but it’s a step in the right direction. Think about it, if these two gaming giants can join together, there is no limit to what the gaming world will have to offer. This is just my opinion, but I am welcoming this truce from both sides. We need to stop this console war and find a way to live in peace so everyone will have a chance to play the games they want to play.

With PlayStation and Xbox, both being major businesses, there will eventually be a cut-off point on what can be shared unless they want to create one big console and sell it to everyone. In reality, that would never happen, but who knows? I never thought a PlayStation exclusive would ever come out on Xbox, and now it’s even being released on Xbox Game Pass, so what do I know.

All I know is we need to stop hating on PlayStation and start showing them some love because they are every bit a part of this game sharing as Xbox is. Yes, PlayStation fans haven’t seen any benefits from their games going over to PC and Xbox. And there may never be an Xbox exclusive released on PlayStation, but the world of gaming is a crazy place, and you never know what will happen. Who knows, maybe halo will come out on PlayStation one day. Now, that’s just crazy talk, or is it.

As I said, this is all just my opinion, and even though this isn’t a news-focused or review-focused post, I just felt like getting this off my chest. I think it’s great to see a game that is so loved by the PlayStation community make its way over to Xbox, and I hope to see more stuff like this happen. I give props to PlayStation for being so professional about this whole situation. Hopefully, this doesn’t hurt PlayStations business in any way because the gaming industry would be nothing without PlayStation and its amazing exclusives.

Thank you for reading my rant on how PlayStation should get some slack for letting some of their games cross over to another platform. I just felt like something needed to be said, and I’m just glad I have this platform to say it. If you would like more articles like this, then let me know by posting a comment. Or send us a DM on Twitter or Instagram. Your support means so much to us, and we want to put out the best quality content for our viewers. Thank you once again for stopping by The Gamer’s Opinion and, as always, Game On Gamers.

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