My Time at Sandrock Delayed Due to Rating Issues

My Time at Sandrock is the sequel to the very popular My Time at Portia and its release is highly anticipated. With over 100,000 people with it on their steam wish list, people are eager and ready to start their adventure. Unfortunately, players will have to wait due to a little hiccup involving local ratings. The good news is that it has nothing to do with the game not being ready, a matter of fact, its the complete opposite. The development team is very happy with the product they have produced and is just as eager to release it as people are to play it.

A Blessing in Disguise

Even though everyone will have to wait for the game to come out to play it, its not the worst thing that could have happened. Actually, it might just be a blessing in disguise according to Panthea Games. The development team is upset their game can’t be released yet, but they are happy that it will give them time to add to the game and truly polish it. This is great news for the fans of the My Time series. Not only will you get a polished game, but it will have features that you wouldn’t have gotten if it launched when it was supposed to. It definitely sounds like a win-win for both players and developers.

That’s Great and All, but When is it Coming Out?

That’s a great question and I wish we had the answer for you. Not even the crew at My Time at Sandrock has the answer. Morten Andersen, Brand Manager for My Time at Sandrock, had this to say about the games delay.

“It is not sure how long it will take for us to get the license, but we are hoping for the best and we are preparing for the launch so that when we get it, the game can be released at short notice,”

Morten Andersen, Brand Manager

My Time At Sandrock was expected to get its local rating certification some time in May. Now, with this recent news, they are not sure when and how long the delay may be. Originally looking at early access beginning in spring of 2021, this game might be looking at launching some time this summer. Still, if everything goes smoothly, it shouldn’t be too long until we are experiencing My Time At Sandrock.

If My Time at Sandrock is anything like My Time at Portia, it will be worth the wait. For more updates on My Time at Sandrock, subscribe to our newsletter and check back daily for your gaming news fix. As always, Game On Gamers and have a lovely day!

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