New Indie Puzzle Platformer Announced

Get ready to solve puzzles and fight off corruption in The Lightbringer. This new Indie Puzzle Platformer by Rock Square Thunder was just announced and will be available later this year. The Lightbringer will be available on your PC and the Nintendo Switch. So get ready for a new adventure because this platformer needs you to help save the world from “The Corruption.”

Story and Plot of The Lightbringer

The Lightbringer is a puzzle platformer with a fully voiced story in verse. Along your journey, you will encounter creative challenges as well as some light combat. In this heartfelt story, you will face puzzles that you will solve using a boomerang and your brain. That boomerang will also help when you are fighting “the corruption,” a tar-like creature destroying the ancient monoliths. These Monoliths harness the energy that brings peace to the land.

You play as the brother of The Lightbringer, a person able to harness the power of light and the only person who can stop “the corruption.” During your sister’s travels to save humanity, she was taken by “the corruption.” You are the world’s last hope, and luckily you share some of your sister’s powers. Your job is to fight the corruption and cleanse the world of this evil force. No pressure, but the fate of this puzzle Platformer world all falls on your shoulders.

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