Nintendo Confirmed They Will Be Releasing a New Mario Golf Game

Nintendo announced that they will be coming out with their new Mario Golf game for the Switch called Mario Golf: Super Rush. It is set to launch on June 25, 2021, and is already available for pre-order on Amazon and Nintendo. Nintendo seems to be pulling out all the stops in order to please every type of gamer out there when it comes to this new title. The game can be played as your normal run-of-the-mill golf game or in an exciting mode called speed golf. There will also be a whole RPG style type story mode that will engage both golf and Nintendo fans alike. We don’t have the full details yet, but here’s what we do know:

Playing A Round

When playing a normal round, whether by yourself or with some friends, you will find that not all golfers are the same. Nintendo has said that all the Mushroom Kingdom characters will have different strengths and weaknesses just like normal athletes would. For example, Bowser, being the giant brute that he is, he will have more power off the tee. I don’t know for sure but based on past games, I predict that Peach will have more control around the greens. But that’s not the only feature you will have to take into account when focusing on your round of golf. You will have to be aware of both wind and terrain just as if you were playing EA Sports PGA Tour or PGA 2K21.

Speed Golf

Speed Golf is definitely the thing I am most looking forward to and I can’t wait to see it in action. With this new feature, you will get to see golf in a whole new way. You’ll have the ability to take control of your character through the whole hole and you will hit and run for your life (or at least your score). I believe this version of Mario Golf will be the ultimate party game and get a lot of play between families and friends. This feature will take skill, speed, and the ability to think on your feet because the first one to finish with the lowest score will get the win. The game also features a special ability to either run faster with a dash or impair your opponent with a sabotage move. As I said, this mode looks extremely fun and competitive.

Story Mode/RPG Aspect

The final mode that has been announced in the newest Mario Golf is the story mode. This will attract gamers from all over and encourage them to give the game a try. This is a full-on RPG vibe where you can wander around the Mushroom Kingdom and challenge other golfers to become the best in the land. I can see myself and others playing this for hours trying to improve our game and eventually becoming unbeatable by the end of the story.

Other Features

Lastly, the motion controls will allow you to pretend to be the top golfer in the world with your smooth swing in your living room.


I’m super excited for this game to come out and I hope it gets a lot of love. What feature are you most excited about? Leave it in the comments below. To learn more, check out Nintendo’s announcement page for the game. Also, Review this game once it comes out right here

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