Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Thoughts

Nintendo Direct closed out E3 this year when it came to its biggest vendors. With that being said, you would think that Nintendo would have a huge show to present to its fans. Well, maybe it’s just because I’m older and many Nintendo games seem childish to me, but Nintendo Direct just felt Dull. It’s almost as if Nintendo didn’t even put a full-on presentation together until the last minute. Let me explain before I get the whole Nintendo universe breathing down my back.

First off, the showcase was roughly 39 minutes long, and I know Nintendo had more in-depth details and footage of some of the games they showed in the showcase afterward, but it just felt simple and short. I get it if you want to get straight to the point, but Nintendo even said at the end of the show there is a lot more coming out that we didn’t show you here today. Well, why not show it? The whole point of the showcase is to show what you have been working on for your fans and customers.

Another part that just made Nintendo Direct one of the worst showcases during E3 was how repetitive it was. With it being the last big showcase of E3, you can expect to see some games that have already been discussed, but watching the first 10 minutes (except for the smash character announcement) felt as if I was watching old trailers for a lower quality system. Don’t get me wrong, there were some big announcements during this Nintendo Direct, but even these announcements seemed underwhelming and kind of disappointing.

Some of these big games presented were a new Metroid and Zelda. Metroid Dread seemed to have it together when it came to new launches for Nintendo, showing some nice cut scenes and even some gameplay, but Breath of the Wild 2 failed miserably when trying to hype the game up that everyone has been waiting for two years. This 1:40 minute video showed very little about a game with so much to offer, from going to simple cut scenes of castles and little snippets of link running, falling, or climbing. We only got one fight scene shown to us, and it was about three seconds long. It just all felt rush as if the people who put this showcase together didn’t even know they were in E3 until one month before it happened.

I might be the only one who feels this way about the Nintendo Direct showcase at E3 since I’ve seen plenty of people talking about how Nintendo saved E3 this year. That being said, I think that Nintendo could never fail in the eyes of its fans because it’s the console so many people grew up on. In my eyes, this showcase just showed that the creative minds over at Nintendo are losing touch with how the world sees video games. It’s only a matter of time that Nintendo will either have to change their ways or be satisfied with appealing to a particular crowd. Not to say that the crowd isn’t going to make them any money, it shows there’s still a market out there for Nintendo, but I don’t see Nintendo competing with Xbox and Playstation in the upcoming future.

After watching the Nintendo Direct showcase, I just kept asking myself, is that it. There has to be more. That can’t be all they are showing. Maybe since games like Marrio+Rabbids were shown by Ubisoft earlier, this is why it felt like Nintendo didn’t have as much to show as the other big names did. Big announcements like the Smash and Tekken cross-over and Metroid and all the Zelda stuff caught my eye, but these were such short parts of the short showcase it just didn’t amount to anything to me. If the whole point of E3 is to show off your upcoming products to get the gamers to buy them or at least take an interest in them, I would have to say Nintendo failed, at least in persuading me to want Nintendo products.

I feel I will get many people telling me I am wrong on this topic, and I would love to start up a conversation on why that is so, so please don’t be afraid to leave a comment. I want to hear your opinion on this matter, and I also want to know your favorite part of E3 this year. Maybe you can explain the world of Nintendo to me a little better so I can see what everyone else is seeing when they say Nintendo was the best part of E3. Until then, I would have to say it was probably the worst part, and that’s probably because I held Nintendo to such a high standard and maybe it time to lower the pedestal.

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