No Man’s Sky’s Latest Update Might Solve Your Gaming Loneliness

No Man’s Sky launched their first update of the year today. With space being a lonely place their team felt they needed something to make it just a little less lonely. They added something that will surely put a smile on your face: you can now have pets/companions! These companions will travel the universe with you no matter where you go, bringing you a whole new experience in a game that already has so much to explore. Wandering the vast lands with you is not all these creatures will be able to do. You can “Train them to scan for resources, mark out hazards, provide light, hunt dangerous fauna, find settlements, excavate buried treasure or even mine for materials with their own shoulder-mounted mining lasers” says the game’s developers. Also, if you take care of them properly, they will even lay eggs and create little adorable babies! You can either let them grow up to be just like their parents or genetically modify them into a whole new species.

With so many ways to modify these eggs, you may never find another creature like yours. That being said, if you’ve created something spectacular, trading these eggs with other travelers may bring you unimaginable riches. This is just the first update No Man’s Sky developing team is coming out with this year and it is already a great one. The team expressed how dedicated they are and shared that there is a lot more to come in the year 2021. If you’re an avid space explorer stay tuned for more updates and exciting news.

If you would like to read a more detailed description of this update click on this link. Also, I will be jumping back into No Man’s Sky for the next day or so to explore this update myself and leave a review. As always don’t forget to come back and look for my next post and don’t forget to leave a review or two.

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