Open Beta for Galahad 3093

Get ready to suit up because Galahad 3093 will be holding an open beta on steam from March 19th through March 28th. This high-flying fast-paced mech shooter will have you and your friends fighting for hours. You will be thrown into a 32-player arena where you will have to fight other knights and defend strongholds in order to win the fight. You’re the knights, highly skilled mech pilots, each with their own set of talents. Your weapon of choice, what the knights call Lances, or as we know them, mechs.


Each knight has its own set of skills and features to help you own the battlefield. As of right now, we know of 3 knights that are available, Arthur, Nim, and Kay. Check out these videos below of each Knight so you are ready to join the fight. We assume these will be the Knights in the beta, with more to come as we get closer to a launch date.


Arthur is the King from the north who wields the power of X-Calibur, a pinpoint accurate space Laser that will deal high damage to anyone who crosses its path. He also wields the power of the Mark of the King, once activated on a certain player all damage done to that player from the whole team will increase, making it easy to take out said player.


The fastest knight in the realm, is also an elite lance tuner, making her highly dangerous on the battlefield. Her special abilities include Hover Jets and Optimus Jets. The Hover Jets give her the ability to double jump making it easy for her to escape and flank any opponent. The Optimus Jets brings her superior speed so she can quickly maneuver and finish the fight quickly.


When you have taught for as long as he has you don’t take smoke from anyone. Once a Lance pilot trainer, Kay relies on his skills from his teaching to put him on top. Did I mention he also likes fire? His abilities include Incendiary Damage and Afterburn. Once Incendiary Damage is activated and you have dealt damage to an opponent that player will not be able to repair their mech for 15 seconds. If you feel like you’re being chased just turn on, Afterburn, this will leave a trail of burning fuel for your opponents to burn.


Lances are highly customizable yet we don’t have too much detail on how or what you can customize, just get ready to deck out your mech. Classes range from Light to Super Heavy. So whether you like to be quick or just want to be a beast and tank everything, there is something for you. Finally, your Lances can be equipped with a wide variety of weapons, deployable systems, and tech modules. This will make for a fun time on the battlefield.

This game looks so epic, and I can’t wait to start the fight and jump in my Lance. Let us know if you’re going to be joining the open beta in our comments down below. If you are, just click this link so you can sign up for the open beta right now. Also if this article in any way felt informative go ahead and sign up for our Newsletter so you can get information like this all the time. If you don’t want to do that you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Hope everyone is having a great day and as always Game On Gamers.

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