Our Thoughts On The PS4 Pro Gameplay of Resident Evil Village

Video Is From IGN

First off, I want to say this game looks beautiful running at 60 fps at 4k. The lighting is very well done as well; I feel that for a horror game, they have made it too bright. I don’t know how immersed I will be if I can see everything thing before it sees me. Obviously, you are in control of your brightness, so hopefully, making it a little darker will fix this issue.

I still haven’t figured out why video game villains can use peripheral vision, or maybe it’s just a vampire thing, but Lady D clearly should have seen Ethan standing right outside her window. I mean, I’m no scientist, but she pretty much was looking directly at him and then proceeded to take a phone call saying once she finds him, he will be taken care of.

All jokes aside, these 5 minutes of gameplay are getting me excited for this upcoming resident Evil. Also, now that I know, I have to turn up the brightness and stand slightly to the left of Lady D. I might be able to play through this whole game without having nightmares of a giant vampire trying to cut me into pieces with her nails.

This reaction video to this 5 minutes of gameplay was really fun to write about, but I feel like doing one for a YouTube video would be even more fun. Let me know if that is something you would enjoy. I’m working hard on getting The Gamer’s Opinion YouTube up and running; I am just having a hard time figuring out what kind of content I should Post.

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