Outriders Patch has Fixed the Crossplay Issue and More

If you have been waiting to play with a friend in Outriders via crossplay, the wait is finally over. The latest patch for Outriders has fixed all crossplay issues, making it so you can play with someone on a different platform.

Another issue that this patch has helped with is the inventory wiping bug. Even though it hasn’t solved the issue altogether, the patch should reduce the number of inventories being wiped until they can solve the issue completely.

If you were one of the unlucky players affected by the inventory wiping bug, Square Enix will be having a restoration day in the near future to give back certain items that were lost. These items will be added to your current items, so don’t worry about losing anything you gained in the past couple of weeks

If you were hoping to get back every single item you lost, we have some bad news. Square Enix announced on Reddit that it would only be able to replenish epic and legendary gear that might not have exact stats as your lost items.

These issues have led to the developers awarding any player who played Outriders in the first two weeks of it being out, a Community Appreciation Package.

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