Outriders Tips and Tricks

Below you will find some beneficial tips and tricks that will help you along your journey in Outriders. These tips are based on what I have found helpful through my gameplay and might not always work for a different type of gameplay. Hopefully, they will help every player’s playstyle and make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Your Melee Will Save Your Life

Everyone likes to run and gun, but sometimes that can get you into a little bit of trouble. Luckily the developers of Outriders have made getting out of a sticky situation easy, and no, it’s not the fantastic skills that your Outrider is equipped with. It’s your Melee attack, Yes your Melee will actually save your life if you are getting overwhelmed. Each Outrider class has a unique ability tied to its Melee to help you and your teammates with crowd control. So now your first instinct doesn’t need to be to turn and run. Now all you have to do is start swinging for the fences until the storm has calmed.

Be Aggressive B E Aggressive

Outriders unique healing system, where you get healed every time you do damage or kill, makes for an all-around good time. The best part about it is, you can be as aggressive as you want to be. The more shotgun rounds to the enemy’s face, the longer your health will last. So don’t be shy and hide behind walls because even playing as a necromancer who specializes in ranged attacks benefits from getting up close and personal sometimes. I’m not saying throw out all tactics, but if things start to get feisty, don’t be afraid to throw down.

You Have Powers for a Reason

I’m sure everyone who has played Outriders so far has found how beneficial their powers are. But for any beginners looking to get some good tips, the best tip I have to offer is don’t forget to use your powers. Your altered superpowers can do more damage on those big guys that seem like they can tank clips after clips. The developers designed the game this way, and they want you to get your powers evolved every chance you get. That’s why the cooldowns on them are pretty quick.

Don’t be Afraid to Spend Some Scraps

Get ready to shop until you drop because spending your scraps will help you buy or build that perfect setup for your Outrider. Usually, I spend my time collecting everything that catches my eye, but for Outriders, I decided to scrap and sell everything I chose not to use. I found selling common and unusual gear at vendors and scrapping rare and epic items was the way to go. Everything costs money, and in the real world, it can be hard to spend that hard-earned cash, but in Outriders, try and spend it like there is no tomorrow. Trust me; whether you are using it on mods or upgrades on current gear or just buying an epic item from the shops, it will help you in the long run.

Side Quests, More Like Loot Quests

Side quests seem to be where some of my best loot is coming from. So don’t be afraid to veer away from the story mode when you see an Exclamation point pop up. That story mode mission will be there when you get back and will most likely be easier because you will be equipped with an excellent new item. So help that old man out or others throughout Enoch; you might find your favorite item that way. Bosses still drop some of the rarest loot, but side quests are usually more manageable and a nice little break from the main quest, so go check out those side quests you have been avoiding.

Become a Master Crafter

Did you find a weapon you really like, but the level seems low, or you don’t think you will be able to keep it throughout your whole journey? Well, that’s where crafting comes into play. With an extensive crafting system, Outriders has made it so you can upgrade your weapon and also add mods so that the first weapon you fell in love with can stick with you to the very end. So even if your favorite gun doesn’t seem to fit your Outriders build, you can always get crafting to make it match that perfect build.

It’s okay to take it down a notch

This may only apply to people playing solo or someone just trying to rush through the story mode to get to the endgame, but I feel like it’s a good tip to know. It is okay to drop your world tier down every once in a while. I’ve been there myself; you want to feel like you’re the best gamer in the world, and lowing the level will make you weak or feel lesser as a gamer. Well, that’s not true, especially if you’re trying to fly through the main missions. Lowering the level might not get you the best loot, but it will make killing giant monsters and bad guys a whole lot easier. I should know, I have taken advantage of this during my solo run on my necromancer, and yes, I probably missed out on better loot, but I still got loot that I could sell or scrap and upgrade my Epic gear.

Thank you for stopping by The Gamer’s Opinion, and I hope these Basic Tips and Tricks help you on the battlefield. Be on the lookout for more Tips and Tricks as my journey continues through Enoch. We also plan on doing some guides on the best skills and setups for each class. So if you feel like your Outrider is missing something, hopefully, we can help out with those upcoming guides. I hope everyone has a great day, and as always, Game On Gamers

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