Outriders Will Be on Xbox Game Pass on Day One

Here we go again, another post where Mike from The Gamer’s Opinion is going to talk about how amazing Xbox Game Pass is. Well, can you blame me? I mean come on, they just added almost all Bethesda games to their service and now via Xbox Wire, Outriders will be available on its day of release. This is crazy talk, Xbox might as well be handing gamers money with the amount of content you receive from Xbox Game Pass. Yes I know its the other way around and gamers are just handing money to Xbox but its worth every penny.

Why all the hype around Outsider? That’s a very good question, and if you go and play the demo that is out right now, then that question will be answered fairly easily. Outriders is a shoot and loot type of game created by People Can Fly, the same people who brought you Gears of War. So just imagine a looter game that plays just like Gears but you have super powers and instead of The Locust you are fighting crazy humans who only know the way of war. Sounds pretty awesome right and now you wont have to cough up $60+ just to play it on day one.

To be honest I was really surprised not to see this game come out as an Xbox exclusive, seeing that the developers were People Can Fly. With a solid partnership with Xbox on Gears of War you would think they wouldn’t want to affect that in any way. But now it all makes sense with the release of Outriders coming to Xbox Game Pass. I’m excited about this game coming out and if I can’t get an early copy for a review at least I know I can get it on day one so I can review it as soon as possible.

Outriders will be available April 1st (no this is not a joke) on PlayStation 4 and 5 along with Google Stadia for $59.99 unless you have Xbox Game Pass then it will just cost you your monthly subscription of $14.99 (sorry PlayStation fans at least you have some awesome exclusive to look forward to.) I hope this article was informative and helps you to make up you mind on whether or not you should get Xbox Game Pass (pssst… you should).

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