PlayStation Cares About It’s Community

May must be the month for gaming companies to show how much they care about their communities, whether it’s Xbox making a massive amount of top-quality games available on Xbox Game Pass. Or PlayStation, partnering up with Discord to figure out how to make console communication better. The big dogs see that the most important thing about video games are the gamers and the gaming community. Obviously, they have known this for quite some time, but they finally see it through the eyes of the gamer.

PlayStation has been what seems to be the front runner in supporting its community with as much help as it needs. Yes, Xbox can give you 100s of games to play whenever you want, but who has all that time to play that many games. PlayStation has been taking a different path, connecting its community and finding new ways to help them on their gaming journey.

Sony has recently patented a new help system to connect a player to an expert to help in real-time during gameplay. This might be something that could be coming out with the integration of Discord to the PlayStation network. It is uncertain when we will see this technology released since it’s just a patent and no news about this system from Sony has officially been released. It would be nice if it were something they could roll out right now, especially with Returnal causing so many gamers headaches with its brutal boss fights.

With video games getting bigger and bigger every year, there are so many ways to get lost and so many boss fights to fail over and over again. So the more help, the merrier. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve roamed around a game and needed to look up how to get past it. To have instant access to an expert who can guide you through what usually turns out to be a simple process will be a big help. It’s nice to see PlayStation lead the way to figure out how to help out the struggling gamer.

Hopefully, we can see this new system soon. If all goes well and PlayStation can create something that drastically helps you get through a challenging game, I guarantee the gaming community will continue to grow even faster than it is now. The difficulty of games has always caused people to quit and even end up hating some games, so to have a help desk on stand-by could genuinely make games more fun for all.

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