Release Date Announced for Rust Console Edition

Get ready to enjoy the world of Rust from the comfort of your couch. Developers of Rust console edition Double Eleven recently released a trailer and a release date of May 21, 2021. Along with the release date and trailer, they also posted a detailed blog post about what to expect from Rust Console Edition. Suppose you have been playing rust on your PC since launch, then you know how advanced and how much it evolved over the years. Don’t expect the console edition to be the same. Many features will be the same or similar, but matching the customization that comes with the pc is just impossible when transferring it over to console.

Toxic Servers

One of the most significant issues that rust has faced when trying to get new players to join their game would have to be the toxicity of players. With it being an open-world survival, there will always be tension between players since your base or items can be destroyed or stolen at any time. Play like this isn’t where the toxicity comes into play; unless you find an empty server or get lucky with friendly players, it is hard to grow by yourself in the world of Rust. Players would rather watch you die than offer a helping hand for beginners, making you either want to quit since you can never really get started, or grind super hard so you can take your revenge.

I have personally experienced this when trying to play rust. I never seem to get enough time to build a base or find resources to defend myself. Instead, I am killed and stripped of everything by people fully decked out in gear who laugh in your face and call you names. Of course, there are plenty of people in the world of rust that want to see the game grow and help out newer players. It just seems all the toxic players control the server and try to make it less fun for everyone else.

Our Hopes for the console version

My hope for this upcoming console version is, players are open and friendly. I don’t want the game to lose that survival instinct per se. I hope the console community understands how hard it is to be a new player to a survival game. If the developers over at Double Eleven could even put in a feature protecting new players until they get their bearings, that would be a massive help to the new community coming in.

Getting Excited

We are getting excited for this upcoming release in May, and you know I will be hopping on day one, so I don’t run into any fully decked-out players from the start. If you’re able to get a good setup and plenty of recourses, remember, caring is sharing. Unless those people are toxic, then tear everything they own down and run that server like a boss. See, the toxicity is already coming out. What did you expect? It is an open-world survival where anything goes. Just kidding, I plan on helping out newcomers and showing people how enjoyable Rust can genuinely be.

I look forward to seeing you in the world of Rust on the console versions. If you have an Xbox, let me know. Maybe we could hop on a server together. Better yet, perhaps we can start our very own The Gamer’s Opinion server. Thank you for listening to our opinion on this up-and-coming release for Rust Console Edition on May 21, 2021. Let us hope the Rust console version is as fun as the PC version, just with a little less toxicity.

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