Resident Evil Demo Dates and Times

Here is where you can find the upcoming Resident Evil demo dates and times. Try not to forget that these are timed demos, so if you miss them, you won’t get to try out the game. If you’re looking for more than just Resident Evil demo dates and times check out our full recap on the resident evil showcase

Demo For All Platforms

The Resident Evil demo will only be available for 1 hour of gameplay. With both the castle and village available to play in the demo, you will get to choose where you spend your time. Will you play 60 minutes in the castle or village, or will you split it up and play both areas. That is all up to you in the demo, so make sure to monitor your time while playing.

Playstation Dates

If you have a PlayStation, you will be able to pre-download the demo starting today. Along with the pre-download, you will also get early access to the demo. It is called 8 Hours of Village, meaning you will have an 8-hour window to play a 30-minute demo during the dates down below. You will first get access to the village demo and then the castle demo a week later. So start your download and mark your calendars because you will only have a short window to play this game. The creators also mention that you can stream and make videos of the demo so everyone worldwide can see what Resident Evil Village is all about.

Village Demo

Castle Demo

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