Resident Evil Showcase Recap

Today was the day to see everything that is happening in the Resident Evil world. Here is the Resident Evil Showcase recap, where you can learn everything that went down at the showcase. You can also rewatch the showcase on Capcons twitch channel to watch all the amazing news yourself. Let’s start with what everyone was waiting for; when will the next demo be released?

Demo For All Platforms

The Resident Evil demo will only be available for 1 hour of gameplay. With both the castle and village available to play in the demo, you will get to choose where you spend your time. Will you play 60 minutes in the castle or village, or will you split it up and play both areas. That is all up to you in the demo, so make sure to monitor your time while playing.

Playstation Dates

If you have a PlayStation, you will be able to pre-download the demo starting today. Along with the pre-download, you will also get early access to the demo. It is called 8 Hours of Village, meaning you will have an 8-hour window to play a 30-minute demo during the dates down below. You will first get access to the village demo and then the castle demo a week later. So start your download and mark your calendars because you will only have a short window to play this game. The creators also mention that you can stream and make videos of the demo so everyone worldwide can see what Resident Evil Village is all about.

Village Demo:

Castle Demo:

Resident Evil Village Showcase Trailer

We were also blessed with another trailer for Resident Evil Village in todays showcase. Go ahead and check it out for yourself and get excited for what already seems to be an amazing game.

Mercenary Mode

In mercenary mode, you will get to experience Resident Evil in a fast-paced atmosphere. This arcade-style mode will have you running through levels on a time limit, just like the previous installments. The difference in this mercenary mode there will be 2 new features. The shop and abilities will be available for you, making the game more customizable and fun. The shop offers weapons that can suit any playstyle, while abilities will make you go a certain path in the way you play.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Trailer and Release Month

So if demo dates, a new game trailer, and introduction to the Mercenary mode weren’t enough. Then this should make sure you have had plenty of content. Resident Evil Infinite Darkness will be coming to Netflix in July 2021. This Netflix Original Anime takes place 2 years after Racoon city and reunites Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. They will be forced to fight zombies, all while protecting the president of the United States.

Resident Evil 4 VR

The good news just keeps on coming during this amazing showcase. Resident Evil 4 will be released for the Oculus Quest 2. If you played the Resident Evil Biohazard in VR then you know that this is going to be as fun as it is terrifying. You can learn some more information about Resident Evil 4 VR on the Oculus Twitch page on April 21, 2021

Resident Evil and Dead By Daylight

On top of everything shown in the showcase, there is still more to share. All the Dead by Daylight fans can jump for joy since resident evil will be coming to your game. The biggest horror franchise will be joining the most popular horror game in recent years in June 2021.

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