Returnal: A Whole New Way To Play

With PlayStation’s State of Play recently sharing new information on upcoming updates and releases, I thought I’d do a deeper dive into everything that was presented. First I wanted to start off with the game that has caught my interest the most since it was announced back in 2020. Returnal is something that I feel will create a whole new genre of video games if it can stick the landing. Everything about this game screams new and original, and I absolutely love it and hope it can hold up to its expectations.

Alright, enough of me ranting, lets dive into the wonderful shape-shifting world of Returnal. Your name is Selene and you just crash landed on an unknown planet, with your life depending on it, you must venture out into this unknow place. As you explore an ancient civilization you are faced with intense gunfights with creatures not even the devil could create. Your journey will be difficult and you will die many times. Don’t worry though, because every time you die you restart back at the beginning to fight another day.

I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, why would I want to constantly keep restarting a game over and over again. The developer at Housemarque came up with a pretty awesome answer for this. Even though you must start from the beginning you will face a whole new challenge, whether it’s creatures spawning in different areas or gaining access to a whole new combination of weapons and gear. This will make you have to change your gameplay during every run. There’s no remembering the recent route you took to easily get right back where you died last time. Instead your gameplay will rely on skill and concentration.

You get to keep your Items from the previous run, right? Unfortunately you don’t. With the world always changing around you, you are forced to forego them upon death. Instead you must use different items every time you have to restart. This doesn’t mean you won’t get rewarded for progressing further each time you give it a go. Some items you will get to keep, such as the Cthonos. This item will generate a weapon at random for you to take along your journey. Every item you receive in this game is crucial so once you start playing get use to every weapon you come across. You won’t always get to play with your weapon of choice.

Now, if you are skeptical about this game based off the words you’re reading here, I totally understand. I mean come on, a game that you have to play over and over again with a different combination of items every single time seems daunting and unbeatable. To be honest, I don’t even know if there is an end game to it. But that’s the fun part. It is a game that will push your gaming ability to the next level. It will have you thinking on your feet making sure you count every step, as if you are actually Selene navigating this world. If that isn’t enough to get you excited then I highly recommend watching the video below because I promise you, the gameplay is on a whole other level.

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