Under The Jolly Roger’s New DLC: Jade Sea Launches Today

Get ready to embark on a new adventure in Under The Jolly Roger. Hero Craft announced that the DLC Jade Sea comes out today, April 8, 2021, on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. As you sail into this new DLC, you will encounter a new quest along with some new allies that will help you along your journey.

Jade Sea will have you exploring a mysterious foggy island with a legend that you can only solve. So round up your crew and fill up on rum because a new adventure awaits. Just make sure to be on the lookout for Sea Dragons.

The main quest to Jade Sea will have you helping out a Chinese emperor. The emperor will entrust you with his authentic, reliable Chinese junk (ship) as you set out to save his daughter from blood-thirsty pirates. Once you have completed this rescue mission, you will get the choice to change characters. You can either choose the original pirate that you have been playing as, or you can become the princess you just rescued.

Adding a new character to play as isn’t the only addition to this new DLC. New ships and decorations such as two junks, sails, and a bowsprit will be available as well. The most exciting news, though, would have to be the ability to walk through the cities. Two new pirate settlements will be at your service as you explore their shops and taverns.

You can purchase the Jade Sea DLC on the PlayStation Store for $8.99 or at the Nintendo Store for $9.99. So what are you waiting for? The winds are blowing, and the rum is flowing, so raise those sails and set out on this unique adventure. The Emporer is relying on you to bring his daughter back in one piece.

Marble Duel (Review)

After reviewing Under The Jolly Roger from Herocraft, I was asked if I would like any other games to review. Naturally, I said yes, being a video game review/news website. Once I received the codes, I was surprised to see Marble Duel. The first thing that popped into my head was this is a mistake. I asked for games for my Xbox, not my phone. To me, Marble Duel seemed like a name for a game that was like Candy Crush. A match 3 type game where the goal is to clear as many levels as you can.

In a sense, I wasn’t wrong; yes, you can play Marble Duel on your phone, and it is a match 3 game, but it is far more superior to Candy Crush. Once I confirmed it was actually for Xbox, I said, what the heck, let’s give this game an honest try. After sitting through the back story and running through the tutorial, I was hooked. Just like any match 3 type game, it’s hard to stop playing once you start.

There was something different about this game; it had a story. I don’t mean a here’s a couple of speech bubbles and on to the next level type of story. I mean a full-blown like I need to know what is going to happen next kind of story. You play as Evy, a little girl brought to this world by magic, but you don’t really know why. Once certain levels and sections are completed, you are introduced to new villains and friends as you learn the secrets of the land and the people who populate it. This helps keep your drive to want to complete levels and learn more about the world you’re playing in.

Even though every opponent you encounter seems to be dark and twisted, it’s the only thing that seems to be dark about this game. Every level is vibrant and beautifully designed, with music to match. The dialogue is very well done and keeps you enthralled with the game. If I had to compare the characters and design of the game to something, I would say it has an Alice In Wonderland vibe to it.

As you make your way through the levels, you start to learn how much strategy this game truly needs. The first couple levels are easy and steadily become harder as you go. This makes you adapt to your opponent’s playstyle that seems never to miss a beat. You always have to stay one step ahead of your opponent, or you might not have such a good time with this game. Probably one of the only flaws would be how hard some of these duels get. Once I got to the second section of the map, I felt forced to change my powers to stand a chance.

That last sentence brings me to a good subject, the fact that you aren’t just matching 3 or more marbles to win. You must match 3 or more marbles to activate certain powers that you obtain throughout your journey. This makes the game even more fun since it’s not super repetitive as they let you adjust your power levels which helps you strategies for each duel.

Like I said earlier, this is not your average match 3 and leave type of game. This is a full-blown strategy game with an interesting fantasy story attached to it. For the most part, the levels seem to change enough, so it doesn’t feel repetitive. And the game is so beautiful to look at that you don’t mind losing some of those hard duels over and over again.

Obviously, no game is perfect, and there are some minor issues with this game. Like when you are cruising at a good rate through levels, and then all of a sudden, you are stuck on one level for what seems to be way too long. Only to get back to a good pace after completing that way to hard level. The only other issue I did have with the game was the Narrator through cut scenes. I know I wouldn’t do any better, but I felt the voice didn’t fit with the theme and could have been executed better.

For a game I felt was just meant to be a mobile game, I was thoroughly surprised when I launched it on my Xbox and saw way more than just a mobile game. I’m sure this game is great on mobile, but I truly recommend getting it for a console or a PC. I think it helps with the overall enjoyment since you are relaxed and not just staring at your phone that you can put down at any time.

I want to say thank you to Herocraft for one, giving me this game to review, and two, teaching me that even though it has a mobile version doesn’t mean it’s a mobile game. If this article helps you in any way, please let us know in the comments or by liking this page. If you like our reviews and want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the gaming world, subscribe to our newsletter. Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, so you never miss a post. Thank you for stopping by and seeing what we had to say about Marble Duel, and I hope you have a wonderful day. As always, Game On Games.

In Rays Of The Light Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When I read the description of this game and saw First-person meditative quest, I was thrilled to think that I was going to get to play a game that was relaxing, something I could just escape into and not think about the axiality-ridden world around us. When I started playing the game and was standing directly in front of a static TV I knew something wasn’t right. I felt that hope of a relaxing meditative game slowly disappear. Not to say that this game isn’t a meditative quest because certain parts of the game are.

In Rays of the Light, was beautiful right from the start. The first thing I noticed was the music. It was so calming and meditative and when you were outside in the light with the trees and foliage all around you, you felt like you were in a paradise. But as soon as you are inside and the light is dim, the music becomes quiet and I started to think, what am I getting myself into. The details and the lighting to this game are so pure and so well done that a simple thing like going from inside to outside truly makes your whole mindset change.

As you make your way through this abandoned building with the perception that a nuclear war had destroyed all living things in the area, you get a sense that you aren’t alone. But before you can leave there is something you must figure out. As you make your way from room to room, clues and puzzles are presented to you. You know you need to solve them but you truly don’t know why. This mystery truly keeps you moving along and makes the game interesting at every turn.

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With the game being so beautiful outside of the building I found myself hoping that it would venture more into the open world. Oh, was I wrong. As you progress, you are forced into the basement of this building. If you thought the building’s lighting gave you the chills just wait until you make your way down to the basement. At this point, the game has turned from a meditative quest to a get me the hell out of here quest. The scenes in the basement truly hit hard because they are so realistic. You can feel the pain of victims from what was confirmed as a nuclear war.

After you finally get out of the basement you are let back into the sunlight, but your intensity from the basement never goes away until you make your way to the final portion of the game. Here is where you realize why you had to solve these puzzles. As you float up into the air(and I’m not gonna go into detail because I don’t want to cause any spoilers) you actually feel the anxiety and tension release from your body. The emotions this game gives you are so immersive that you can just tell it was made by a true storyteller.

In Rays of the Light is receiving a 5-star rating because of its attention to detail, excellent lighting, and amazing storytelling. The storytelling is so good that I am getting the chills just writing this review. I want to say thank you to Sometimes You for letting me have a copy of this game a couple of days early and also thank you to Noskov Sergey for creating such a roller coaster of a ride game that truly makes you feel immersed.

Let us know in the comments down below if this review was helpful in any way. Also, make sure to join our newsletter and follow us on Twitter as well as Instagram. Thank you for stopping by our website and I hope you have an amazing day. As always Game On Gamers

A Sizeable Amount of Fun (Sizeable Review)

Have you ever wanted the power to shrink and grow items with a touch of your finger? In Sizeable you will get to do just that. In this small puzzle game, you must manipulate the items in a beautiful small-scale 3D world in order to find the 3 hidden pillars and move on to the next level. Created by Sander Ambroos and published by Business Goose Studios, this game has 21 main levels and 4 bonus levels all accompanied by beautifully orchestrated music composed by Jamal Green.

When you first start the game, you are greeted by peaceful music that gets you right into the mood to puzzle. You know, that mood of pure relaxation and focus where nothing can distract you from finishing what you started. Once you learn the basics, you’re ready to start solving beautiful, yet simply designed maps that get your brain working right from the start. Once you get the hang of things, the puzzles start getting harder. Luckily, the music keeps you calm and helps you work through any frustrating energy until you can find the solution.

The controls are simple, the design is beautiful, and the game is complex in so many ways that it’s hard not to love it. One of the things I love about it is how the elements work together on the map. When you make the moon bigger, the ocean rises. When you make it smaller, it goes down. You will find certain items in the game are used in specific ways in order to activate or open new pieces of the puzzle. This keeps you thinking on your toes until you reach the end of the puzzle.

It only took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to solve all the puzzles, including finding all the little turtles (Hidden Collectibles), and I enjoyed every minute of it. I guess you can say the only problem with the game is that it left me wanting more, and unfortunately there is no more at the moment. I enjoyed this game so much that once I finished, I started doing speed runs to test myself even further. The good thing is once the game is finished and the credits start to roll, the creator was nice enough to let us know that more levels will be added in the first update of the game.

We gave Sizeable a 5 Star rating (party noises: once you play the game you will understand) for its simple approach to a very complex game genre, as well for its creativity and the genuine joy you feel every time you finish a puzzle or find a little turtle along the way. I see myself playing this game every time new levels are added (I’m hoping more golf levels are to come).

Star Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So there you have it, a simple yet perfect puzzle game that keeps your brain working. It’s not too hard or too easy and makes you want to keep playing even after you have solved every puzzle in the game. No matter what kind of gamer you are, this game will entertain you, and no matter how long it takes you to complete, it is worth every second.

If you haven’t added this game to your Wishlist, here is a link so you can get it the minute it comes out on March 19th. I hope you have a wonderful day and if you feel stress or need to relax, please go and give Sizeable a try. It’s the perfect game to just chill (plus it has cute little turtles in it if I haven’t mentioned that enough yet). For more updates and reviews on games like Sizeable, make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter and follow us on Twitch and Instagram. Also, keep an eye out for our YouTube channel coming soon. As always, Game On Gamers.

A Pirate’s Life for Me (Under the Jolly Roger Review)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an actual pirate? Under the Jolly Roger captures that exact feeling. The only problem is being a pirate isn’t always like what you see in the movies. I am a history nerd and if you love history like me then you know pirates were more than just pillagers and treasure hunters. This game captures the essence of being a pirate as if you were truly going back in time.

Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and video games like Black Flag and Sea of Thieves make it seem like pirates only cared for rum and gold. Under the Jolly Roger brings things back down to earth and tells the true story of being a pirate. Yes, pirates’ main goal was loot, but not all pirates got their riches the same way. In Under the Jolly Roger, you get to explore different types of pirate playstyles as you adventure across the seas.

The game is fun and includes bursts of excitement when you’re out in the open water and fighting other ships, but it does lack direction. At the start of the game, you are thrown into a world of unknowns with only a short tutorial to teach you the basics. In my opinion, this game is far too detailed to just learn how to buy, sell, and sail. Even though it’s hard to learn at first, the more you play, the better things are explained. I wouldn’t plan on playing this game if you aren’t willing to put in the time to learn about everything it has to offer.

Once you make it past the academy (tutorial), you are thrown out to fend for yourself, in true pirate fashion. As you make your way through the seas, you will notice that sailing can be done in three ways: first person, third person, and fast traveling via the map. Sailing is fun if you’re truly going for that fully immersive pirate feel since you can only go fast if you’re sailing downwind. Ultimately, you will find yourself spending a lot of time fast traveling from place to place in order to finish tasks quickly. I don’t find this to be an issue because the way the fast travel is set up is very appealing and unique. Instead of sitting there watching a loading screen, you get to watch your ship glide across a beautiful charted map with an easy transition back to the sea if you decide you want to have a go at sailing yourself.

After you have figured out the best way to travel, the game starts to catch some wind. You’ll start discovering new parts of the map and running into factions across 3 vast seas, all with their own stories. Each faction has its own set of missions and the better your reputation, the better rewards you get from each faction. This will make you think carefully about the choices you make. Maybe you don’t just gun down every ship you see. Maybe you pick a couple of factions to stick with and cause chaos for the others you don’t like. Maybe you are feeling like a true pirate and double-cross every faction you see. This is where the details really shine through because this was the way a pirate lived. The best part is that because you aren’t locked into certain missions, you can choose your own path.

Another great part of the game, on top of all this detail and realism, is the sea battles. If you have played this game already, you know that the sea battles are the best part. You’ll encounter plenty of sea battles and the more ships that are involved, the more fun the battles are. Your fights are all up to you and will depend on how you plan for them. You are in charge of where your crew is placed on the ship. Place more guys on sails, you’ll sail faster. Place more guys on guns, you’ll reload faster. If you want to go all out by boarding a ship, load up on fighters. The way you set yourself up for success is all on your shoulders so you must pay attention to your supplies and crew.

There is one issue when it comes to sea battles. I know I’ve been gloating about the realistic approach to this game, but there are some features that slip through the deck. The first is that when your ship sinks, it does not affect you much except maybe needing to heal some crew members and repair your ship. (I did not play the harder modes and maybe that is one of the features in the hardest modes. If so, please let me know so I can update the review).

Fighting hand-to-hand combat also had an unrealistic feel to it. Once on land or aboard a ship, combat is very robotic and can really suck the fun out of what was a pleasant sea battle. For this reason, I found myself choosing to sink most ships instead of boarding, even though the reward was usually far greater for boarding.

Another feature of the game that wasn’t realistic but I had no issue with was the Magical Artifacts. These items can be added to your ship to hail treacherous blows to your enemies. The animations are cool and you find yourself using them every chance you get, especially once you start battling harder enemies. So, yes, even though magic is used in this game, I did not find that it interfered with the integrity of being a pirate.

Once I felt like I was a seasoned pirate and my ship was strong enough, I dipped my toes into fighting sea monsters. The first moment I entered a battle was an all-out war. I barely had a moment to catch my breath while I was being attacked by multiple giant crabs. With a team on my side, we fought a long and hard battle and lost almost the entire crew. These sea monster fights aren’t easy, but they sure are fun even if you don’t always come out on top.

Probably one of the most interesting systems in the game is trading. Pirates were mostly hired hands looking to rob and destroy, but some pirates also embarked on trading voyages. This is how I made money quickly and rose in the ranks. Everyone knows pirates love gold and what easier way to make gold than with Under the Jolly Roger’s perfect trading system. When buying goods from an island, depending on the day and which island, you could get great deals or be surcharged a ridiculous amount. If you don’t mind taking the time to travel across the sea over and over again, making money is a breeze and you don’t have to risk a single soul.

Just like all games, Under the Jolly Roger has its ups and downs, but I truly had a good time playing this pirate simulator. So if you are willing to dump a ton of hours overboard into this game then I highly recommend you put on your sea legs and stand proud Under The Jolly Roger.

Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m giving Under The Jolly Roger a 4-star rating because of its massive amount of gameplay and realistic approach to being a pirate. If you feel like my rating is way off, feel free to express yourself in the comments, or go ahead and click here to review it yourself. All ratings are based on our writer’s experiences and are their genuine opinions. For more reviews and news please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. I hope you enjoyed this review and as always, Game On Gamers.

The Nuance of Speed: Dirt 5 Review

Racing is the perfect balance of speed and control. Lose one and the whole thing comes apart. Racing and video games are very similar in this regard. If a game has amazing graphics, story, gameplay, and a sense of adventure you’ve got something special but remove one or two of those aspects and you’re left with something that has little to be desired. Step into frame “DIRT 5”. As an avid car enthusiast and lover of all racing games, I was pretty excited to step into the world of DIRT. To be completely honest this was my first jaunt into this world and I had high hopes.

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You’re welcomed into DIRT 5 with the warm nostalgic glow of neons and vibrating colors, reminiscent of arcade games of the past. My first thought is excited and rushed. But as soon as the story starts confusion sets in. The home page is clunky and hard to navigate. Picking cars to race is strange and unpolished. Each click of the controller feels like your searching for something you cannot find. Once you have finally navigated your way to a race it doesn’t get much better. The controls are loose and unwelcoming, I mean I get it your on dirt but it’s almost impossible to steer unless you’ve picked the top-of-the-line Subaru. Crashes in this game almost guarantee a restart. No rewind button like Forza. Speaking of Forza, the lack of an open world now in a racing game almost seems silly. Dirt is a closed world so if by accident you venture off a track you are restarted in last place. Definitely not a fun position to be in.

Some points include customizing your car and finding new challenges. When customizing your car you will be very disappointed with the outcome. The color you pick is nothing like the color your car is shown in during a race. You cannot add any mods to the car’s exterior as well. What you see is what you get. Tracks and maps are short and uninspired. Almost as if the design team just changed the scenery of a track instead of creating new tracks all together.

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To be completely honest about this game it’s totally playable. Nothing too inspired here and if you had the choice I’d much rather be in Forza Horizons open world where the gameplay is fast fun and exciting. It goes back to balance, speed and control. If Forza is a mid-engine hypercar then DIRT 5 is a beat-up pickup truck. This game gets a 2 out of 5 star rating from me. It just lacks the inspiration to make you feel like you are the race car driver of your dreams.

The Falconeer Review

Where should I start for The Falconeer? I had high hopes for this game based off of the beautiful art work and I can say that at some points I did enjoy playing it. But I can’t say it was anything that I expected it to be. Yes the art was beautiful but other than that I felt like it was missing a whole lot, in the sense of gameplay. When I first jumped into the game I found myself having a hard time controlling my giant beautiful falcon. Yes, games like this, I would say a fighter pilot game, always take time to get use to the controls, but I felt that I had way more difficulty than I should have. After adjusting my settings and finally getting the hang of it, I could feel myself starting to have fun as I ran into battle after battle with other birds, ships and air ships. This to me didn’t seem to last very long solely based off the repetitiveness of the missions. Obviously it’s hard to make unique missions over and over again and I could tell the developers were trying by adding fighting, delivery and escort missions along the way. Unfortunately they still all seemed very similar.

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Since the missions kept feeling so repetitive I took to the sky in free mode and roamed around for a bit. This is where I enjoyed myself the most. I slowly explored the beautiful terrain of an ocean that seems to be ripped apart and I never really wanted to land. But wanting to find out more about the game, I went to do some more research on the upgrades you can add to your bird. Once I landed at home base I upgraded my Falcon as much as I could by injecting it with some kind of fluid to make it faster. Yes I said injected, and I know this is a video game but the animal lover side of me kind of cringed at the thought of genetically modifying a living thing with some random serum. Once I started to get to the harder stages of the game I found myself having to replay missions over and over again from the start. I was not happy about this since I already felt that the missions were very repetitive. Hopefully, in updates to come, they can add check points in some of the harder missions so when you get to you last battle point you don’t have to fight everything all over again.

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Final Opinion

The Falconeer had high hopes in my eyes but went down in a blaze of glory. (RIP to all my fallen falcons.) I think if they can find a way to make missions less repetitive and change the upgrades to the birds so you don’t have to shoot them up with what in my mind seemed like drugs or steroids the game would be much better. Then it might become the game it should be. The art work is amazing and while free roaming you feel like it’s a whole different game. To be honest, I feel that these two features are the reason why I wont be giving this game a low star rating of 2 or 1. Still with much to improve I don’t see this game getting much play out of me, unless I want to float into the clouds in free roam.

Star Rating

This game will be getting 3 out of 5 Stars from me thanks to its art and and the feature that allows you the freedom to roam in the open world.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Review it yourself or see what others have to say by clicking here

Absolute Drift Zen Edition Review

So I played Absolute Drift last night, and it is absolutely perfect. I know the game is already five years old, but with it being free I thought I would give it a try. (Claim your free copy on the Epic Game Store before 2/25/2021). This game is great for a fun relaxing night, with great music and even easier controls, it’s perfect for any gamer. I found myself playing this game for hours without even realizing it. Any game you can get lost in, is always a sign that you found a great game. Like I said, The controls are simple, just the arrow keys and the space bar. The music is great, and fits perfectly while you’re drifting around corners and gaining points. The best feature of all, was the open world map you got to explore while trying to complete objectives.

This game had multiple race tracks with multiple achievements to go along with it as well. These tracks were fun, but I found myself losing my Zen as I constantly failed to gain all achievements over and over again. Luckily, you didn’t need to complete any of these tracks to continue on to the next stages of the game. I could definitely see someone who loves getting high scores having a blast with these tracks though. Unfortunately for me, I just found myself rage quitting, since I couldn’t hit that perfect drift, but hey, not everyone can be a drift master.

Final Conclusion

Like I said before, This game is absolutely perfect. (especially for free). Even if I bought this game for $6.99, I still feel like it would be money well spent. From the easy controls to the awesome music and sounds.(nothing sounds better than hitting the prefect drift around a tight corner). I think this game should be in everyone’s game library, just as a game you play when you feel all your other games are getting dull. It definitely brought me joy last night and I know it will do the same for you.

Star Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review this game yourself! or see what others had to say by clicking here.

Control Review

Exciting, fast pace, bone-chilling, and extremely fun. These are just a few ways to explain Control. This game is like Inception meets The Shining and it totally works. I’ll try not to leak too many spoilers since this game is still getting updates. Plus it’s already on the cheaper side of games as well as being on Xbox Game Pass. So it’s pretty easy to get a hold of and enjoy every bit of it. With all this being said let’s dive into this marvelous game that will have your head spinning and your palms sweating.

With all my games I try and see as little content as possible before I do my playthrough. This game was no exception. I was unaware of the story and plot completely. The only thing I knew was that you had telekinesis powers in a way. So my thought process was that this was going to be fun. Let’s face it telekinesis is pretty cool.

As I came into the first scene of the game I instantly started to feel this scary vibe, but not scary like being chased by a murderer scary, more like scary I’m slowly losing my mind scary. You play as a woman named Jesse and when the game starts you find yourself in a government building (The Beuaro of control). You have very little to no back story and you really don’t know why you’re there, all you know is that it’s creepy, and you’re looking for something. The building feels 100% abandoned (yes this game is so immersive I could feel the abandonment of this building.) The game also starts off pretty slow, you make your way through a couple of rooms only to run into one person, The Janitor, a nice but very creepy old man who speaks in such a way that just thinking about it gives me chills. The Janitor in a way is the key to everything. He gives you access to the elevator which leads you to The Director’s office. This is where the game, for me at least, truly starts.

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So far we have encountered a weird vibe and collected some documents but once you find The Director and get your first weapon, the fun begins. Right, when you leave the room it’s an all-out blood bath, minus the blood. (It seems that the NPCs you’re shooting just disappear with little to no blood at all.) But as I was saying it’s an all-out war and It is exhilarating. As you progress through the game you can upgrade your weapons and even your powers. This came as a complete shock to me when I realized that this was almost a full-blown looter type game where you upgrade and improve the farther you progress. I loved this aspect of the game and the more I played the more I wanted to find every loot box imaginable. Unfortunately, I’m a game reviewer and I knew I needed to push through with the story.

The Story was incredible. you obviously find out the building was not abandoned mostly because of all the people you have to shoot through but that’s not all who is there. The employees of the Beuaro are still there and it is your job to save them and make your way through each level and clear the Hiss. (A name for the bad guys that Jesse gives them with her first encounter with a sane person.) You also learn a lot more about why you’re there once you encounter real people. Like I said I don’t want to go too deep because I want you to experience this game yourself, but you’re looking for your brother. On your search for your brother, you encounter outstanding gameplay including gunfights, boss fights, and even some puzzling. This makes the game fun and also challenging which I feel is a perfect combination for a great game.

Final Opinion

This game was incredible. From the storyline to the fact that it was a looter and I never even could imagine a game like this could be that. I had a complete blast playing this game while also getting chills down my spine because of the phycological aspect it throws at you. I can see myself coming back to this game and playing it over and over again trying to get every little item to complete it 100%. There were a couple of issues with the game but mostly minor stuff. I felt the respawn aspect of the game wasted a lot of time since it made you go back to main save points even though the game was constantly autosaving. I did not like having to run back through a whole section that was already cleared just because I died towards the end. Another little mishap I ran into, was that some of my dialog was silent and even the subtitles turned off on me so I did miss some important storyline Dialog. (This could have to do with my play on an Xbox Series X and it not being fully optimized for it yet, but who knows.) I had a blast playing this game and I can’t wait to see what’s to come of this game since I still haven’t played any of the expansions.

Star Rating

Even though It did have some bugs, I really didn’t see much wrong with this game at all and that is why I will be giving Control a 5 out of 5 Stars!

The Medium Review

Have you ever been frightened by something but so intrigued at the same time that you had to find out more about it? Well, that is exactly what The Medium brings to the table. I went into this game with no prior knowledge, just some screen shots and the description from the Steam game store. All I knew was that it’s a horror game and I went into this game fully prepared to be terrified. I even asked my wife to play it with me just so I wasn’t as scared (I don’t like the horror genre). My wife and I were prepared to scream but we slowly found out that although this game can send chills down your spine, it’s not the kind of horror game that would make you jump out of your skin (and trust me you want to keep your skin during this game).

Instead of being scared we were intrigued by the amazing artwork and storyline that this game has to offer. At the start of the game we were both very confused but we pushed on, slowly learning more and more about the backstory of Marianne, an orphan with powers of a Medium. As you make your way through the game you are led to a forest in search of a mystery and what also seems to be the next chapter in Marianne’s life

This forest is where you first see the true beauty of this games design. As we wondered around enjoying the views, we stubbled upon our destination: a creepy, ghostly looking hotel that you know no good can come out of. This is when the horror really starts to kick in. The hotel is full of all sorts of rooms to explore and puzzles waiting to be solved.

Once you manage to find the entrance, you are welcomed by a little girl named Sadness. Sadness is your hotel guide in a sense and as you follow her through this hotel you are forced to transfer between the spirt world and the real world. This feature in the game is called dual sense, an actual split screen (as if you were playing Halo 2 with your friend at your house in 2005). In this mode you get to experience the game in two different ways. I feel that this feature is both original and genius.

Any game that can come up with something different will always get me interested and on top of that, this game includes a compelling story where you don’t want to stop playing until you have solved the mystery.

As you are led through this haunting hotel, you catch yourself wondering when the actual scary stuff is going to happen and then all of a sudden after a harmless act of developing a photo (one of my favorite little quirky tasks in the game) you run into Maw. Now even though I am not a fan of the name and want to call him Meow (probably my inner self trying to make him seem less scary), I can tell you I’m terrified of Maw as a whole. From what I’ve put together, this demon of a beast is about 8 feet tall with wings and demon horns on his head oh, and did I mention he wants to wear your skin like a coat? (Terrifying, right?)

Once you meet the one and only Maw you will be forced to run and hide from him for the rest of the game with only short breaks here and there as you figure out puzzles to open doors and send other spirts within the hotel to the afterlife. This continues until you finally put all the pieces of your mystery together. Now I won’t put any spoilers here because I truly want you to experience this game for yourself but lets just say, you never would have seen it coming.

The Medium Official RTX Trailer

Final Opinion

This game has so many amazing features that I have nothing but praise for it as a whole. When it comes to the graphics and art I was blown away. I truly felt that I was at a abandon hotel with a crazy skin wearing demon. One feature that truly pulled me in is the lighting. The further along in the game I was, the darker it got. The emersion was incredible. Overall gameplay was very smooth and organic. I never had any issues with glitches or anything like that. I did run into some instances where we kept getting stuck because we needed one more item to trigger the puzzle and it was very hard to find. Even though there is a feature to help highlight items when you’re close, we learned that you have to be very close in order for it to work properly. The sound was impeccable, not just with the music but voice acting as well. Whoever voiced Maw actually made me think he wanted to wear my skin. I mean, this monster was crazy and also so sad, it almost hurt your soul until he tried to kill you of course. I found the story to be very strong but I felt that it was a little slow to progress and kept you in the dark with a lot of things that could have been very helpful earlier in the game. Overall, I loved the game, and for someone who is not a fan of the horror genre, I think that is saying a lot.

Star Rating

After all we went through in this game I have decided to give The Medium a star rating of 4 out of 5 Stars.

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you if you made it all the way down to the bottom of the page. This is my first official game review and even though it is not your normal run of the mill cookie cutter review I am very proud of it and this site as a whole. I hope you enjoyed my content and am excited to keep producing more for you every day.