Sockventure Releases Today

Sockventure is a 2D platformer that has a resemblance to games like Super Meat Boy and Celeste. You must be quick and agile to complete the levels in this epic Journey to save your beloved socks from the evil washing machine. With its playful character design and fast-paced gameplay, Sockventure is certain to be the next big 2D platformer.

The Plot

You play as a superhero enlisted by a young boy to save his favorite pair of socks before his mother finds out the evil washing machine has eaten them. You must enter this cursed washing machine to find his lost socks. While in the washing machine, you will run, jump, dash, and smash your way through levels until you have found ever lost sock.

Levels and Features

Sockventure will put you through the test with over 200 levels of hardcore platforming. During these levels, you will encounter new skills and coins you must collect. You can spend coins on Dark Chapters, which will be more challenging, and put your skills to the test. Each chapter will also have multiple challenges you can complete along your journey. During all these challenging levels, you will compete with others thanks to the leaderboard feature. Let’s not forget the most important part, though. Cosmetics, but not pay to own cosmetics, there will be 20 hidden socks that you can find and wear on your path to defeating the evil washing machine.

Where can I Get Sockventure

Sockventure Will be available in the Steam Store today, May 11th, for $14.99 with 10% off during the first week of launch. So put on your sock capes and get ready to be the hero you have always wanted to be. Or at least a hero that will save some socks from getting lost in a washing machine. All jokes aside, I want to give a huge shoutout to Versus Evil and Night House Games for getting us a copy early. If you like games like Super Meat Boy and Celeste, I promise you Sockventure will blow your socks off. A review will be out later today.

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