The Hand of Merlin(Early Access) Releases Today

Today is the release of The Hand of Merlin (early access) by Room C Games. This turn-based rogue-lite RPG will have you deep in a fight to save a multiverse. The Hand of Merlin is set in the time of the 6th century. King Arthur has just failed to save the world, and it is up to you to bring the holy grail from Albion to Jerusalem. This is no ordinary Medieval game. The land is on the brink of an apocalypse due to sci-fi creatures sending horror throughout the land. It is up to three heroes to venture across the land and save the world.

A Rogue-like Experience

You get to choose how you travel to Jerusalem. Will you choose a life of danger and risk it all for honor and greatness or venture down an easier path to live and fight another day. In The Hand of Merlin, you will Negotiate, barter, fight. Tackle challenges. Suffer losses. Recruit new Heroes. Earn Gold, Supplies, and Renown. Just remember that every action has its consequences. It’s your choice, will you choose the right one?

The Multiverse in The Hand of Merlin

With The Hand of Merlin being a multiverse, it is alright if you die. Trust me, you will die, but that does not mean you can not save the Multiverse from destruction. Every time you die, that world is lost, but a new world needs your help. You will jump between parallel dimensions, and each world will change. Different kings will rule the land, making encounters, characters, and events all different from the last world you tried to save. This will make every journey unique, making it very easy to replay even if you beat the game.

Where can I get The Hand Of Merlin?

The Hand of Merlin is available today in the Steam store for $24.99 for the standard edition and $29.99 for the deluxe edition. It will also be 20% off during the first week of early access. Get ready to experience the Medieval ages in a way you have never see before. The Hand of Merlin was developed by Room C Games and published by Versus Evil. We want to thank Versus Evil for letting us have a copy of The Hand of Merlin early. Be on the lookout for our early access review that will be going up in the next couple of days.

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