The Reveal of Forspoken

With the Square Enix showcase giving us all sorts of amazing things to look forward to, I think Forspoken is the icing on the cake. Even though we were just shown a small sample size of the game and not given too many details, I can tell that this game will be epic. As a writer, I know I need to be Bipartisan, but I fully back what Luminous Productions is putting out there. As long as they can live up to the hype and we don’t get another Anthem, I can only see good things to come.

Luminous Productions’ choice to use Ella Balinska’s appearance and voice in this game has already put this game at the top of my list. If you know me by now from articles in the past, I love when game companies use actors as characters. Knowing the person behind the voice makes playing a character so much more immersive. Ella Balinska will be playing Frey, a young woman who must control her magical powers to survive in a fantastical and dangerous land called Athia.

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Ella Balinska seems to be as excited for her role in Forspoken as I am. She seemed pretty confident that you will love Frey as a character. I know I’m excited to get to know Frey the real question, are you?

“As the first video game I’ve worked on, and growing up a huge fan of video games myself, it’s remarkable to see the incredible world and story of Forspoken come together, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy,” said Balinska. “Frey as a character is real, she’s raw, she’s a girl who lost her way—both figuratively and literally—and is a character I immediately connected with, as I feel many people around the world will too when they set off on this adventure.”

Ella Balinska, From Square Enix

With me being so excited about this game, The Gamer’s Opinion will most definitely be following the journey of Forspoken till the launch date. If you want to keep up on the latest news from The Gamer’s Opinion, go and subscribe to our newsletter and also follow us on Twitter and Instagram as well. I want to wish everyone a fantastic day and, as always, Game On Gamers, till next time.

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