The Xbox Design Lab is Back

With the Xbox Design Lab back in action, custom controller designs have been showing up all over social media. At The Gamer’s Opinion, we wanted to give it a go and design our controller as well. Check it out below as we run you through our process of creating our very own TGO Xbox Controller.

First, we start with a lovely Midnight Blue for the Face of the controller.

Then it’s onto the back, where we add our Zesty Orange to give the controller a nice pop.

After that, it’s on to the bumpers and triggers as we sneak in a nice Shock Blue to finish off our colorway.

Don’t forget about the D-pad and Sticks. We went with a nice zest orange and Bolt Blue offset to really catch the gamer’s eye.

Last but not least are the final details. We went with Colors On Black for ABXY and White/Black View, Menu, Pause Buttons.

It’s a blast to sit down and throw on whatever colors you want, and we can now see why it has taken over the internet. If you would like to order your own TGO Xbox Controller, then follow the steps above. If this post can explode and see a couple thousand viewers, we might give one away. So make sure to share this post with your friends or on social media to hit that goal. Also, make sure to check out the Xbox Design Lab, even if it is to mess around. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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