Top 5 Games While Celebrating 4/20

Now, this is a family-friendly site, so if you don’t know why people celebrate 4/20, then, unfortunately, this is not the place you will find out. The best part about this post is it doesn’t matter if you are celebrating 4/20 or just having a normal day on April 20th. These games are fun to play no matter what. So let’s jump right into our top 5 games while enjoying one of earth’s beautiful gifts.

#1) Minecraft

Minecraft is the perfect way to start the celebration. The world of Minecraft opens up so many possibilities for creativity. No matter what state of mind the good good puts you in, Minecraft is easy to play and easy to enjoy. So if you’re a couch potato who likes to take it slow and mine diamonds to peaceful music or a busy bee who can build a giant leaf with fireworks shooting out of it, Minecraft has something for everyone.

#2) Forza Horizon 4

One thing you can’t/shouldnt do when you’re Celebrating 4/20 is drive a car, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive one in a video game. Forza Horizon 4 is the best game to take to the streets without putting anyone’s life in danger. With its amazing sceneries and even cooler-looking cars, Forza will help you fight the craving of getting in your own car and doing something you shouldn’t. I want to make this clear you should not drive if you’re celebrating 4/20. Play video games instead; it’s much more fun and safer.

#3) Bethesda PC Games With Mods

Now, I know this isn’t just one game, but any RPG game from Bethesda is a perfect game to play. Especially if you have it on a PC with mods. If you haven’t played Skyrim or Fallout with mods, then you truly are missing a good time. Nothing is funnier than seeing a mud crab look like Zoidberg from Futurama run around, or just having a giant head is always a good time. Mods on games will always make for a good laugh, but I highly recommend getting some mods for your Bethesda games so you can enjoy your 4/20 to the fullest.

#4) Mario Party

One of the best ways to enjoy 4/20 is to spend it with friends, and one of the greatest games to play with friends would have to be Mario Party. Become your favorite character and compete in amazing mini-games that will keep the party going all night long. If you aren’t spending 4/20 with friends, then you just aren’t doing it right. Remember, sharing is caring, and so is sharing the wonderful world of Mario Party.

#5) MLB The Show

Normally sports games might be a little too fast-paced and make you think too much when celebrating 4/20, but MLB The Show is the perfect sports game to solve that solution. The best part about baseball is all the waiting around in between innings and waiting for the pitcher to choose what pitch to throw. This gives you a good amount of time to do 4/20ish things during the downtime. So what could be better, you get to play a great game and enjoy your favorite pass time.

If you’re celebrating 4/20, I hope these game choices made it easier to plan your day, and I hope you enjoy your Holiday safely and legally. I don’t want to see anyone pretending they are playing Forza in their real car. That is a recipe for disaster and could end very badly. If you plan on trying to play any of these video games in real life while celebrating 4/20, I suggest you choose baseball because the worst thing that could happen is you end up lying in a field looking at the sky. I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4/20 from yours truly, Mike at The Gamer’s Opinion

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