Watch Dogs: Legion Online Delayed

It seems like so many games are being delayed this year and Watch Dogs: Legion is no exception. The Ubisoft team announced via Twitter that they will be delaying its online mode (again) for the PC version until further notice. Luckily for console players, the online mode, aside from Tactical Op mode will still be playable. Ubisoft announced that they were having issues during the Tactical Op mode for the console versions and that it will be pushed back until March 23, 2021.

With Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode still set to launch on Marth 9th for consoles, some players will get to experience what it is all about. However, releasing an unfinished version is risky and could cause problems. Ubisoft has a reputation of releasing games before they are done and it looks like they haven’t learned from their past mistakes. Hopefully, the version coming out on March 9 is good enough to hold people over until they can patch the rest and release the whole mode (Hopefully, the March 23rd date sticks).

For the PC players that are stuck waiting for Ubisoft to fix the issue, I hope it can be resolved soon. Even though Ubisoft tends to release too early, they are always quick with a fix and ultimately end up making great games. Hopefully, this is the case for its upcoming Online mode and I look forward to playing it March 9 on my Xbox Series X.

Don’t Miss Out on Everything New

If you’re interested in seeing the online mode because you can’t play it yourself (cough, cough PC players) or you just want to see what Watch Dogs is all about, I will be streaming it on Twitch during the update launch (March 9th) around 10 pm PST. Follow me on Twitch and turn on notifications so you don’t miss it. Also, follow my other social media accounts: Instagram and Twitter. We also have a newsletter that will give you the most up-to-date news on everything gaming (you will even get some news on things that didn’t make it to the site). As always, have a wonderful day and Game On Gamers.

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