Why Outer Worlds 2 Announcement was the best part of E3

E3 was filled with plenty of amazing video game trailers and announcements. So why does a simple announcement trailer that didn’t even show any in-game footage or gameplay feel like it was the best part of E3? It’s quite simple, actually. Even though no details besides the title were released, Outer Worlds 2 announcement was probably the most creative and clever trailer show during all of E3.

As Gamers, we are always searching for the next game that shows us something different. The creators of Outer Worlds 2 were able to do that just by putting together a mash-up of movie/game trailers and making fun of them. The trailer felt almost as if we were about to get this fantastic new game only to find out we were only getting a title to the sequel of Outer Worlds. It was so clever and different it made me want to applaud it, like when a movie ends in the theaters.

If the developers were able to get this creative and clever with the announcement trailer, then imagine what they can do when working on the actual game together. Outer Worlds was a great game from start to finish, and Outer Worlds 2 is already off to a good start. This trailer has caught a lot of attention from Outer World fans and even others who haven’t played the game.

So even though all we got was the title and nothing more from this beautifully made trailer. It was an example of what’s to come in the future, and I can’t wait to see what the developers come up with. If it’s anywhere close to funny and clever as the announcement trailer, then I know that Outer Worlds 2 will be unique and will be one of the next big games of E3 next year.

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