Xbox Games With Gold for May

Even though you don’t have to have Xbox Gold to play Free to Play games anymore, it might be wise to hang on to that subscription. Xbox just announced its Games with Gold for May, and it’s looking like a pretty good deal. Xbox will be giving you four games during May that represent a value of $79.96. These games are yours to keep once downloaded. Just make sure you get them before they disappear. Down below is the Game with Gold list.

  • Armello ($19.99 ) Available May 1st – May 31st
  • Dungeons 3 (29.99) Available May 16th – May 31st
  • Lego Batman (19.99) Available May 1st – May 16th
  • Tropico 4 (9.99) Available May 16th – May 31st


This grim fairytale board game brought to life will send you on a swashbuckling adventure. Aemello is a character-builder RPG at heart but will also have you seeing a glimpse of a tactical card and a strategic tabletop game. Your goal will be to become the next King or Queen of Armello as you battle, explore, and cast spells to defeat monsters of your land.

Dungeons 3

It is your turn to be the bad guy in a video game. In Dungeons 3, you will get to build your very own dungeon to defeat the people from the overworld. You will have access to a terrifying army as you command them to destroy everything in its path. So do you think you have what it take to be evil? Download Dungeons 3 for free on May 16th if you’re a valid Xbox Gold member.

Lego Batman

We all know what Lego Batman is all about. He is the caped crusader riding around Gotham, kicking butt and taking names. But wait, there is a twist. Instead of just playing with Batman and Robin, see how it feels to be a villain in Gotham. You will be able to play your tricks on batman and try and take over the city but remember, the Dark Knight always wins.

Tropico 4

You are the president of a small Island, and it is your job to ensure it thrives. Your goal is to be the most beloved President ever as you try and gain trust from your citizens and deal with foreign powers. This is an Island, so be ready to deal with natural disasters and also be prepared to deal with your enemies as well. Politics can be a nasty game, but Tropico 4 will always be a fun game.

So if you still have Xbox Gold, even though you don’t need it to play Free to Play games anymore, make sure to pick up your free games of the month. If you are an Xbox Game Pass holder, then you will be able to acquire these items as well. I highly recommend upgrading to Xbox Game Pass since you get all the benefits of Xbox Gold and access to 100s of extra games for only $5 extra a month.

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