Xbox Listens to Their Customers

Xbox actually listened!

Oh, happy day! If you haven’t been in the loop this past couple of days, welcome to the gaming world. Also, if you haven’t read my last post about Xbox Live Gold price increases, please go and read it before continuing with this post (you can do that by clicking here.)

Now let’s move on with the reason why you’re here: you want to know who Xbox listened to and what it’s all about. After releasing news that Xbox Live Gold will see some price increases, the gaming world was outraged. People went on social media sites to express their anger, even getting it trending #1 on Twitter for a while. Xbox saw all this and took a step back and said “Whoa… we made a mistake,” and instead of just rolling with it and hoping it would blow over, the Xbox team stepped up by cancelling their plans to increase Xbox Live Gold prices. That’s not all they did though, and this is where it gets interesting. Xbox made a huge decision to make all free to play games (Fortnite, COD Warzone, etc.) playable without needing Xbox Live Gold. I know right? That’s crazy, I mean it’s not like every other gaming company was already doing that (oh wait, they were) and it was the only thing holding Xbox back from being the most gamer friendly console out there.

I have always been a Xbox fan and I was cutting them a bit of slack in my earlier post about the price raises. Mostly because I know when Xbox does something they do it for a reason. That reason may have been to force people over to Xbox Game Pass, but if you don’t have it you’re missing out. It’s something every gamer needs and deserves and I don’t blame Xbox for pushing it.

It’s always a breath of fresh air when a major company actually does the right thing for its’ customers. This move by Xbox just reinforces my fandom for them even if they had to make a mistake in order to realize the correct move. I takes a lot to admit you messed up and I think Xbox is a stronger company for it. So shout out to Xbox and also to everyone who jumped on social media and let their voices be heard. Also remember you can always voice your opinions about video games right here on The Gamer’s Opinion.

Thank you for reading and as always be kind to others and have a great day.

TGO Mike

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